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DIY Easy Neon Popsicle Nail Design For Playful Summer

Summer may have wrapped up already but if you get this easy neon popsicle nail design, the party will never end! Learn how to make this all-time favorite dessert with this nail art tutorial!

Looking for a unique nail art ideas for a summer theme can be overwhelming at times. Everyone wants to avoid that awkward moment in a party where you find someone wearing the same outfit or even wearing the same nail art designs. This new neon popsicle nail art tutorial is a fresh idea that will surely make even the dullest of days feel like the most exciting summer party!

DIY Easy Neon Popsicle Nail Design For A Playful Summer

Is summer your favorite season? You don’t have to mourn its end this year with this cool neon popsicle nail design. It’s so easy that you can realistically accomplish it without a sweat.

I love fall and all the wonderful colors it brings but the food and treats during summer are definitely on my list of favorite things as well! Though it’s too cold right now for popsicles or ice cream, I can still enjoy them on my nails!

Ready to re-experience summer with me with some awesome neon popsicles? Follow the tutorial below!


What You’ll Need To Make This Neon Popsicle Nail Design:


Step 1: White Nail Polish

Before painting your nails with white nail polish, make sure you apply a clear base coat first. Never push aside this basic step! This will help keep your natural nails healthy and strong even when you constantly change nail designs.

DIY Easy Neon Popsicle Nail Design For Playful Summer

Step 2: Middle And Ring Fingernails

On your middle and ring fingernails, draw the popsicle by making a letter “M” with a thin brush dipped in pink nail polish. Connect the base of the “M” with a line and then fill in the spaces. Add more popsicles with different colors. Try to draw them in different angles to make your neon popsicle nail design more fun!

DIY Easy Neon Popsicle Nail Design For Playful Summer

Step 3: Inverted J

Draw two inverted “J” on each Popsicle using the white nail polish on the popsicle as a highlight. This will make your popsicle more lifelike.

DIY Easy Neon Popsicle Nail Design For Playful Summer

Step 4: Index and Pinky Fingernails

For the index and pinky nails, draw some drips (melting Popsicle) with the color of your choice. You can do this by using a dotting tool and dragging it up to create the drip effect. Connect the dots with a curved line and fill in any remaining spaces. In this design, I’m using neon pink and neon green. Add small lines using a white nail polish similar to what you did with the popsicles.


Step 5: Popsicle Stick

For the sticks, add two small lines for each Popsicle. You can either use a nude, beige or brown nail polish.

DIY Easy Neon Popsicle Nail Design For Playful Summer

Step 6: Top Coat

Finish with a top coat to seal in your design. This will also make your polish last longer without chipping or breaking-off.

And that’s it! You’ve got yourself a cool neon popsicle nail design to remind you of your best summer days!


Watch the video tutorial from EZNails below:

Doesn’t this design look good enough to lick off? To make this neon popsicle nail design even more fun, try to experiment with different colors to customize this nail art idea. You don’t have to stick to the actual colors used. You can try using your favorite colors as well!


Was this tutorial fun to do? Try it yourself and let me know how it went in the comments section below! I would surely love to see how you made this neon popsicle design your own! 

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