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[Tutorial] Mouthwatering Ice Cream Nail Design That Will Beat The Summer Heat

Young girls and once-young girls would love adorable dainty stuff like Ice Cream Nail Design. Regardless of age, one can always swag with bright colors and kiddie designs like ice cream, stars, and other cartoon characters. If you’re up for Ice cream nail art ideas, Check out this ice cream nail design version from Nailstorming.

[Tutorial] Mouthwatering Ice Cream Nail Design That Will Beat The Summer Heat

Sugary Ice Cream Nails With Sprinkles

Summer is here y’all! And there is nothing we like better in the summertime than a delicious ice cream. So we’re bringing the popular ice cream on your nails! Be inspired with this step by step tutorial and get ready for totes coolness! Warning: this might make you hungry.



  • hot pink nail polish
  • brown acrylic paint
  • light brown acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint
  • different pastel shades of acrylic paints: purple, pink, green, blue, orange, yellow
  • top coat
  • thin brush



Step 1. Paint Base Color

Paint all of your nails with a hot pink nail polish for your base color.

[Tutorial] Mouthwatering Ice Cream Nail Design That Will Beat The Summer Heat

Step 2. Draw Upside Down Triangle

This version of ice cream nail design, you will only paint the cone on your ring finger. To draw the cone, you can start drawing a line of an upside down triangle using a thin brush and brown acrylic paint, then fill in the space in the middle of the triangle and wait for it to dry.


Step 3. Draw diagonal Lines

Draw some diagonal line with a lighter brown shade for the texture of the cone. Add some more diagonal line with the opposite direction.


Step 4. Draw the Ice cream

Using a white acrylic paint, start to create the ice cream by drawing a cloud-like shape or think of how the soft serve comes out from the machine. Fill it in and wait for it to dry. Remember, the cone doesn’t need to have a perfect shape.

[Tutorial] Mouthwatering Ice Cream Nail Design That Will Beat The Summer Heat

Step 5. Draw Small lines

Then draw some small lines over the white paint using the different pastel shades to create the sprinkles. And oh,  Use the tip of liner brush for this, in that way you thin lines for your sprinkles.


Step 6. Apply Top Coat

Once everything is dry, apply a top coat to seal in your design. Top coat does not only give a lasting shine of your mani but also prevent the polish from chipping.


And you’re all done!

Yasss! There you have it! Ain’t this design for big girls too? It looks chic and fab. And Yeah you’re right! It does look yummy? Please remember they’re not edible!


Watch the video tutorial below:

So what are you waiting for? Go grab the things you need and start to paint your nails to have a cool summer nails! And don’t forget to take some real ice cream too! Have fun!

Trivia: More ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other week. – via

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