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Ladybug Manicure In Spring Colors | Cute Ladybug Nails Design Tutorial Inspired By Cat Noir | lady bug nails | Featured

Cute Ladybug Nails Design Tutorial Inspired By Lady Bug And Cat Noir

Ladybug and Cat Noir inspire kids around the world, so why not let them inspire a cute ladybug nails design?

Disney’s Ladybug and Cat Noir have been gaining popularity since the show first aired in 2015. Kids and teens alike love them for their chemistry as Paris’s heroic pair as well as their budding romance. Definitely an iconic duo!

Doing cute ladybug manicure will keep your daughter entertained during this lockdown. Not to mention this will be a great bonding moment for both of you!

To cop the miraculous Ladybug nails, check out the step-by-step tutorial down below.

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Check out This Step-By-Step Lady Bug Tutorial That’s Easy to Do

What You’ll Need to Create the Ladybug Nails Design:

  • Black, Red, And Light Green Nail Polish
  • Dotting Tools
  • Striper Brush
  • Base and Top Coat

Step 1: Paint Your Nail Red and Draw Bug-Like Stripes (Thumb)

Like a house needs a solid foundation, apply a base coat on all your nails. This will help your polish stay on longer and will protect your nails from discoloration.

Paint your nail red and using your thinnest dotting tool, draw on stripes on your thumbnail. Draw a line towards the middle from the base of your thumbnail. Paint on two small triangles at the tip of the nail. Fill the negative space with diagonal stripes on the corners.

Step 2: Paint on a Ladybug Using Black and Red Nail Polish (Pointer)

This time, we’ll be creating a cute ladybug nails design. Start by painting your nail Ladybug’s signature red color.

At the tip of your nail, paint a semi-circle that will be the face of the ladybug. With a dotting tool, paint a line down the middle of the nail. Finish off with the signature black spots and the white and black eyes of the bug using a thinner dotting tool.

Step 3: Paint Half Your Nail Red and Black and Dot Along the Border (Middle Finger)

Ladybug is never without Cat Noir.

To portray Ladybug and her friend Cat Noir, paint half of your nail red and the other half black. On the red side, draw black spots along the border. On the black side of the nail, dot light green spots along the border.

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Step 4: Paint Your Nail Black and Draw Cat Paws (Ring Finger)

For this step, you’ll need two dotting tools with different sizes — one big, one small. Also, have your black nail polish and light green nail polish handy. This design will be all about Cat Noir.

Paint your nail black for the Cat Noir look. Dot on three spots with your dotting tool, making sure to leave some distance between each one. Grab your smaller dotting tool and paint 4 spots above the bigger spot to recreate the Cat Noir paw.

Step 5: Paint Your Nail Red and Draw Spots All Over

This design is an ode to Ladybug’s cute outfit!

For the minimalist beetle bug design, paint your nail red and draw on spots with your dotting tool.

Finished Look: (Optional)

When you’re happy with your designs, finish off with a topcoat. The trusty topcoat will help prolong the life of your manicure and will keep it glossy.

Check out this entire tutorial from Disney Channel UK:

Nailed it! The Ladybug and Cat Noir designs are guaranteed to score you points from both the glam squad and the kids. As a bonus, this will also keep you entertained during the tail-end of the lockdown.

Get inspired and encouraged with this Ladybug nail art!

Are you going to give this ladybug nails design tutorial a try? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Share it on my Facebook page! Look for new designs from my Instagram as well! 

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