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7 Fun Miss Pop Facts That Makes Her An Ultimate Celebrity Nail Artist

Have you heard about Miss Pop? This celebrity nail artist has the talent and passion to create imaginative and creative designs for all her clients – celebrities, magazines, editoral pieces and runway shows.

Know More About Miss Pop And Her Fun Nail Art Designs

Simcha Whitehill, also known as Miss Pop, is a renowned and popular celebrity nail artist with an avant-garde and rebellious fashion sense. She polishes up runway looks, editorial pieces, and celebrity events, making her one of the most sought-after artists. Moreover, she designs the nails for New York Fashion Week shows and celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Janelle Monae, and Ariana Grande. Specializing in hand-painted nail art, her creativity is beyond compare.

1. Simcha Whitehill’s Love For Nail Art Started In High School

Miss Pop began her love affair with nail art and lacquer during her school days. However, she was barred from wearing colorful attires and nails back then due to school policies. Apparently, her love for colors and nail art rekindled when she watched the ’80s movie, “Earth Girls are Easy”, about a lovesick manicurist.

7 Fun Miss Pop Facts That Makes Her An Ultimate Celebrity Nail Artist

2. Miss Pop Created Looks For Various Runway Shows

Simcha Whitehill a.k.a. Miss Pop designs creative nail art designs for runways, beauty events and fashion shows. Since she came to fame, she created nail art designs for New York Fashion Week runways shows.

3. She Designs Nails For Magazines And Editorial

Miss Pop has been the top choice for editorial pieces and magazine shoots. In fact, her clients are top magazines like Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, NYLON, and Seventeen. She’s also CND’s very first Creative Ambassador.

7 Fun Miss Pop Facts That Makes Her An Ultimate Celebrity Nail Artist

4. She’s Always Ready To Create Her Colorful And Unique Nail Designs

Miss Pop is always on-the-go, creating whimsical nail designs for her clients. She’s a bit organized too.

5. Her Designs Are Creative And Amazing

Miss Pop’s designs are colorful, creative and imaginative. In the past, nail art designs are paired with your outfit. However, she creates nail art patterns that match your phone case design.

6. Miss Pop Is A Fun, Glamorous And Exciting Nail Artist

Miss Pops believes that her nails have to be as colorful as her lexicon. Her love and passion for her craft are unbelievable. She even said that she wants the nails to look like accessories that extend to the hands. Aside from being passionate about nail art, she’s a fun and exciting person and that shows through her creations.

7 Fun Miss Pop Facts That Makes Her An Ultimate Celebrity Nail Artist

7. She’s Originally A Journalist

Simcha Whitehill’s love for nail art has stopped during her school days. For a while, she dismissed the idea of being a nail artist and she moved to Manhattan to be a journalist. However, the movie she saw perked her interest and love for nail art. Hence, she became Miss Pop, an ultimate celebrity nail artist.

Here are nail art tips by Miss Pop through this video by Howcast:

Miss Pop’s passion for nail art is inspiring. She followed her dream and now, she’s one of the most sought after celebrity nail artists. What do you think of her Bio? Leave a comment below!

You can also follow Miss Pop’s work on Instagram.

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