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10 Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

If you’re wondering what nail art designs will suit you best, you’ve come to the right place. Here are nail art designs that will look gorgeous on moms like you.

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10 Nail Art Designs For Working Moms

1. Elegant Red

red and white manicure with love print | Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

Red is arguably the sexiest color and it pretty much applies to nail art design, too. Red is sexy, expresses love, and is very feminine.

You can go with plain red but the effect would be amplified if mixed with designs like flower petals or heart. You can also opt for lighter and darker shades of red like crimson, ruby, or scarlet to name a few.

2. Cool Black

gel nails nail art model manicure | Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

Mystery and cool are often associated with the color black. If that matches your persona, then this nail art color is the way to go.

It blends well with designs like moon and stars. Black also has plenty of variations to choose from like onyx, charcoal, and ebony so feel free to mix and match.

3. Pure as White

girl with a wrist corsage | Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

Nothing says elegant and pure than the color white. You’re probably thinking that this is too vanilla but it doesn’t stop there, of course!

The designs that will complement this color well are polka dots and flower petals, too. You can also try other shades of white like beige, cream, or ivory if you’re worried that just white is too plain.

4. Cool Blue

If you are the subtle and low-key type then blue is the color for you. It doesn’t attract too much attention but is beautiful in its own right.

You can try drawing a sky pattern design to give off that relaxing vibe. As an alternative, you can also give it the winter vibe by adding designs colored in white like snow and ice flakes.

You can also try different shades like ice blue, powder blue, teal, sapphire, or periwinkle.

5. Vibrant Yellow

yellow nails white triangles on square short nails | Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

For moms trying their best to balance work and personal life, yellow is the way to go. Who doesn’t need positivity, right?

Yellow symbolizes happiness, clarity, energy, optimism, and enlightenment. What’s amazing with this color is it matches pretty much any design and outfit and is best combined with floral and sun designs.

You can also experiment with different shades of yellow like cream, lemon, or gold.

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6. All That Glitters

hand glitter nails nail polish | Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

If you want something flashy, then crystal nail design is something you would love. Any glossy and glittery coats will do.

Because, why not? Working moms like you can be fancy, too! You can experiment with different colors but nothing says shiny and glittery than silver and grey.

7. Refreshing Green

french manicure picture flower on background | Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

Green is another color that is soothing to the eye and is relaxing by nature. You can mix it with trees and floral designs to match the theme.

It also amplifies darker colored outfits plus, it is perfect for the beach! You can try other shades of green like lime, olive, mint, emerald, or jade.

8. Dynamic Orange

Orange is another top choice for nail art designs during summer. Whether if you’re going to work or on a vacation, you can never go wrong with orange since it accentuates light-colored outfits.

There is a wide range of orange shades you can try. There are nail polishes available in color peach, apricot, melon, tangerine, and saffron so if this is your spirit color, try it the soonest!

9. Fabulous Violet

twotone french manicure pink purple colors | Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

Violet is often associated with royalty and extravagance and is said to symbolize wealth and abundance when mixed with the color yellow. Floral designs will also look good when mixed and drawn with violet.

You can also experiment with other violet shades like lavender, blueberry, or purple.

10. Pretty in Pink

pink manicure | Sophisticated Nail Art Designs For Every Working Mom

Pink is no doubt a personal favorite for many women out there. Not only does it represent femininity, but it also blends well and will look amazing with any outfit you put on.

Pink matches with any cute designs such as flowers, hearts, or even cartoonish figures! There are also lots of adorable pink shades to try such as nude pink, cotton candy pink, and champagne pink.

Craving for more nail art designs? Check out this video by Love Simple Style:

Being a working mom doesn’t mean it’s okay to be out of style. It can get busy, but don’t let work get the best of you.

You don’t want to look much older than you actually are, so take care of yourself! This simple beauty routine will definitely bring out the inner youth in you so go out there and spend your day-offs wisely by pampering yourself!

Which nail art design do you want to try first? Sound off in the comments section below!


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