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Nail Stamping Kit Every Beginner Should Own

Jealous of nail art ideas with intricate designs you can’t seem to copy on your own? Then you should start building your own nail stamping kit to really enjoy your nail art experience!

Everyone has to start somewhere small whenever they’re developing a skill. As long as you have the dedication and the basic materials needed to propel you forward, you can master nail stamping in no time!

The Nail Stamping Kit You Need To Get Started

I have to admit, I had moments where I grew frustrated when I started learning nail art techniques. Nail stamping may seem easy but it did take a lot of trial and error to perfect over the years. Nowadays, various tutorials and guides can be found on Youtube and the Internet, in general, to help you get it right the first time.

Before diving into the thick of it, however, try to complete this nail stamping kit. This will help you be more prepared in learning this particular technique.

Once you’ve got the essentials, you can try all kinds of stamped nail art to perfectly complement your various looks and makeup styles.

Check out these nail stamping kit essentials for beginners.


1. Nail Stamp Or Stamper

This is the most important item for your nail stamping kit. You will use this equipment to transfer a design from your image plate to your nail. There are several kinds and brands of stampers that you can try but several sources recommend Konad Double Side Stamp Set  for beginners. It picks up the images quite well and transfers them to your nails easily. The Konad stamper is best used for even nails that don’t have curves. If you get this nail stamp from Amazon I have this special discount code you can use NCSAVE10 to avail of 10% discount.

Nail Stamping Kit Every Beginner Should Own

2. Image Plate

Usually made of steel, an image plate contains various designs that you can use to pick out what you want to superimpose on your nails later.

One trick to picking the right plate for your nails is to measure your nails. Image plates carry several sizes. Pick out the ones that would cover your entire nail. If you do buy a plate with larger designs, you can just adjust the stamp according to the dimension of your nails.

I found this perfect image plate on Amazon, it’s on sale and perfect for the Holidays!


3. Scraper

You’ll need a scraper to wipe off excess polish on the image plate. Like the stamper, there are several kinds of scrapers available in the market right now. You can use a scraper made of metal or rubber. You can even try a laminated one. Just figure out which one works for you the best.

Nail Stamping Kit Every Beginner Should Own

4. Nail Polish

You need at least 2 kinds of nail polish colors for your nail stamping kit. One shade is for the base and the other will be used for stamping. It would be better to get complimentary colors if you want your stamping design to be visible on your nails.


5. Special Topcoat

Normal topcoat may smear your stamped nail art, that’s why it’s essential to look for a special topcoat that will keep your design intact. Look for clear polishes that will not streak your stamped polish.

I love using Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat whenever I do nail stamping. It’s really a staple in my nail stamping kit.


Nail Stamping Kit Every Beginner Should Own

6. Liquid Latex

When you start stamping, you’ll inevitably stamp on the skin around your nail as well. Although you can definitely use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to clean this up, applying liquid latex around your nails would immensely help with the cleanup later. You’ll only have to peel it off to get rid of the excess polish.

I am not really particular with the liquid latex I use, but for some reason, I’ve been recently loving this one from Pretty Diva.


Watch this nail stamping kit tutorial from Cute Polish for a better understanding of this nail art technique.

Are you ready to try this nail art technique? Gather all your nail stamping kit essentials and start practicing! Who knows, you might master nail stamping enough to move on to reverse nail stamping. Don’t forget to show me your creation in the comments section below.


Once you get the hang of this technique, try this reverse stamping nail art design!


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