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Celebrate National Ice Cream Day With This Fun Nail Designs Tutorial

Get your ice cold dessert on National Ice Cream Day right on the tips of your fingers! Recreate this awesome nail art inspired by the yummy treat!

What’s your favorite flavor? Can’t decide between all-time fave chocolate or the classic vanilla? Choose strawberry instead!

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day With This Fun Nail Designs Tutorial

National Ice Cream Day is a day for celebrating your favorite cold treat! However, commemorating this fun event can go beyond merely eating the delicious dessert. Your favorite flavors can be printed on your shirt, dangle on your necklace, and even painted on your body!

I personally love strawberries and chocolate so this nail art is just perfect for me! if you love strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup, then you should try this design out as well!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to wear the sweet delicacy on your nails!


What you’ll need for your National Ice Cream Day inspired nails:


Step 1: A Scoop Of Happiness

After coating on a healthy dose of base coat to strengthen your nails, decide which flavor you’d like to celebrate with this upcoming National Ice Cream Day!

According to the tutorial by Cute Polish, strawberry with some chocolate and sprinkles is the best combination!

Cover your entire nail with a pretty pink shade (or whichever color best represents your favorite ice cream flavor) and wait for it to dry completely.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day With This Fun Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 2: Ice Cream Matte

When your pink nails are dry, coat them with a matte top coat. This will contrast with the chocolate drip later on, giving your ice cream nails more depth and texture!


Step 3: Dripping Chocolate

Now that your base color (flavor) is in place, it’s time to make the chocolate syrup!

Put a huge brown dot in the middle of your finger using a dotting tool before slightly lifting it up to drag down your nail. This will become that awesome chocolate drip which looks perfect on top of your ice cream.

Repeat this two more times; on either side of the big drip in the middle of your nail. Connect them all together with a smaller dotting tool or toothpick and fill in the gaps in between with the same chocolate color you used on the drips.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day With This Fun Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 4: Sprinkle All Over

When the chocolate drip has finally dried, you can get a thin brush and use it to paint on the base white stripes for your sprinkles. Make sure that they don’t look too planned. They should be painted in different angles to make them look like you just sprinkled them on your ice cream fingers.

This will help your National Ice Cream Day inspired-nails look more realistic!


Step 5: Sprinkle Party!

Using a thin brush or a toothpick, cover the white stripes with lots of different colors!

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day With This Fun Nail Designs Tutorial

Step 6: Make It Last!

Instead of a matte top coat like what was used earlier, you should use the quick-drying glossy coat for the chocolate syrup. The effect of the gloss coat will make your syrup look like they’re really dripping down your nails!


Wasn’t that fun? Check out the full tutorial from Cute Polish below!

Now you can really celebrate National Ice Cream Day with this awesome nail art! Plus it’s so fun to do! I love getting matte manicures but adding the glossy “chocolate syrup” on this one is pure genius!

If you’re not into the line sprinkles then you can use small dots as well. That’s also easier to apply.

For future National Ice Cream Day celebrations, you can try out different colors or designs depicting your favorite flavor! Tell me what flavor you want to do in the comments section below!

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featured image by OK Chicas

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