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Flaunt Your Favorite Pokemon Characters With These Nail Art Ideas

Pokemon characters have been taking over smartphone users’ – both young and young at heart – lives!

Avid fans of the hit game Pokemon Go do everything they can to catch the rarest Pokemon there is! Catch ‘em all and put your favorite characters on your nails!  The newest augmented reality game featuring all of your favorite Pokemon characters has hooked almost everyone with an iPhone or Android phone! Pokemon has been snugly crouching in the hearts of manga and anime enthusiasts for several years now and this new game is only catching more and more fans.

Flaunt Your Favorite Pokemon Characters With These Nail Art Ideas

Gotta Draw ‘Em All!


If you can’t catch ‘em all, then why not paint ‘em all?

Check out these awesome nail art inspired by your favorite Pokemon characters!


1. Pokemon Characters

Can’t decide which of Pikachu’s friends you want on your nails? Put four of your favorite ones on each nail!

This cute design by JauntyJuli has Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander on four fingers and a classic Pokeball on the thumb! This tutorial will show you how it can be done!


2. Sassy Long Pokeballs

If you’re not totally into the cutesy design, then this sassy version of the Pokeball is the thing for you! The creatures see these balls as their homes, where they are usually kept by their handlers.


3. 3D Pokemon Characters

What’s better than having your favorite characters on your nails? Getting them in 3D of course! This uber cute design will really make you say, “Wow!”


4. 3D Pokeball

Who says Pokemon characters are the only ones that can be made into 3D designs? This slightly weird yet amazing nail art by Marie Nails has a perfectly round Pokeball that will surely make people’s heads turn!


5.  Holo Pokeballs

You can’t forget the latest craze in nail art even when making Pokemon-inspired designs. Simply Nailogical teaches you how to make Pokemon Balls even more interesting – by adding holo glitters! Isn’t this design a holo-t of fun?


6. Glammed-Out Pokeballs

Here’s another glammed out design inspired by the classic Pokeball for those who want to take their love for the legendary Japanese anime to the next level!


7. Happy Pokemon Characters

This design by Elusorynails has the famous Pokemon characters smiling happily!


8. Sparkly Pokemon

Meanwhile, this nail art from Nails Magazine uses crystals to make your favorite characters sparkle on pointed nails!

This is the perfect way to get these amazing pokemon characters nails:

Pokemon nails all week

A photo posted by tres_she (@tres_she) on


9. Jigglypuff

One of the most famous Pokemon characters is Jiggly Puff, the adorable pink creature that makes its opponent sleepy with its lullaby.


10. Bulbasaur

Another fan favorite is Bulbasaur, which uses the seed as a weapon. It’s also very loyal to its trainer, making it one of Chalkboard Nails’ top five favorite Pokemon!


12. Squirtle

Squirtle is also one of the most beloved Pokemon characters from the Nintendo-created franchise. Looking like an adorable turtle, water is its main attacking power.


13. Charmander

Charmander, is the third of the starter Pokemons from the Kanto region, along with Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Check out this Charmander design from Cupcake Nails!


14. Cute Pikachu

Who can forget about the most famous Pokemon character of all time? Pikachu’s yellow color and lines (“Pika… Pikachu!”) have become so recognizable that even non-fans know who the adorable creature is. Learn how to create this cute design here.


15. Poke-Toes

Even your toenails deserve some Poke-love, too! This pedicure of Pikachu and Poliwrath from Instagram user chidumi is really cute!


16. Hand-Painted Pokeballs

Starry Nail’s hand-painted design is so nostalgic with its classic Pokeballs and the anime’s famous motto on nude nails.


17. Abstract Pokemon

If you’re more into the abstract, then this version from Cute Polish will definitely work for you! Isn’t it so simple and stunning at the same time?


Meanwhile, learn how to make Jaunty Juli’s cute Pokemon characters design below!


Which nail art best shows your love for your favorite Pokemon characters? Sound off in the comments section below!

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