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[Tutorial] Cute Scalloped Nail Art Design For Beginners

Here’s an easy nail art design for beginners out there who are just starting to create a masterpiece on there nails. There’s no reason to be anxious if you have not tried doing this mani on your nails. There’s always a first time for everything, right? Plus, this tutorial by HannahRoxNails will walk you through it.


[Tutorial] Cute Scalloped Nail Art Design For Beginners

Colorful Nail Art – No Pricey Tools Required

Decorating hand nails and foot nails has evolved as the years go by. Nail Art has become popular all over the world. In the past, women spend hours in Manicures and Pedicures Spa Salon to beautify their nails. But these days, you can definitely modify nail art designs. Swoon down and find out how you can adore your nails with a simple but nice nail art. I bet it’ll save you a few bucks.



  • base coat
  • top coat
  • nude/peach nail polish
  • pink nail polish
  • orange nail polish
  • teal blue nail polish
  • dark green nail polish
  • purple nail polish
  • thin nail art brush
  • flat nail art brush
  • dotting tool
  • nail polish remover



Step 1. Apply Base Coat

Here at Nail Art Designs, we always encourage our viewers to really apply a base coat to protect your natural nails. We don’t disregard this basic step. I think like us, you’d want to protect your nails, rights?

[Tutorial] Cute Scalloped Nail Art Design For Beginners

Step 2. Paint Peach Nail Polish

Paint your nails with a peach nail polish for your base color. As a first-timer, always remember to apply nail polish using the 3 strokes method.


Step 3. Make A Stripe

Using a thin brush, make a stripe with the different colors of nail polishes. Leave a space of the peach color before the stripe.

[Tutorial] Cute Scalloped Nail Art Design For Beginners

Step 4. Create Dots

Using a dotting, create dots slightly above each color. If you are going to ask me, this is the fun part.


Step 5. Apply Top Coat

Before you apply the top coat. Make sure that you clean up any excess nail polish with a brush and nail polish remover. Then, you can now seal the Cute Scalloped Nail Art Design  with a thin layer of top coat. As we always say, it will protect your design and smooth everything out.

[Tutorial] Cute Scalloped Nail Art Design For Beginners

And there you have it!

Splendid nail art for a beginner! I know you can do it!


Watch the video tutorial below:

For beginners, go with the simplest design. There are lots of nice and practicable nail arts that you can do at home. Do a little reaserch on the internet and learn the techniques by which pattern can be easily drawn. And don’t forget that practice makes prefect. Have fun!

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. – Kurt Vonnegut


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