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Classy Sparkly Side French Nails Tutorial Perfect For Prom

Nothing looks more elegant than French nails for special occasions! Try this sparkly side French nail design to top off your look for prom!

Side French Nails Design To Turn Heads At Prom

There’s no question about how a fresh and beautifully done manicure can help you look your best for any occasion, especially for prom. You should look gorgeous during the most important night of your high school life!

Partner these silvery French nails an extra sparkly evening gown or a classic cocktail dress and you might just win Prom Queen by the end of the night! So try this tutorial and turn heads at the party!


Recreate this super pretty side French nails by using the following:


Step 1: Apply Base Coat

Apply OPI natural base coat to all of your nails. I’ve stressed over and over again just how important it is to put on base coat even before starting your nail art and right after prepping the nails. Doing this prevents nail staining, chipping, and breakage.

Classy Sparkly Side French Nails Tutorial Perfect For Prom

Step 2: Paint Base Color

Apply CND ‘Naked Naiveté’ polish to your nails. This color will serve as the base of your design. The creamy color is just the right hue to wear during special occasions. I can almost see you agree!


Step 3: Place French Tip Guide

Once your base color is dry, apply a French tip guide vertically to one side of your nail. All you have to do is peel off the guide then paste it sideways on your nails. This will ensure that your side French nails will look perfect.

Classy Sparkly Side French Nails Tutorial Perfect For Prom

Step 4: Apply Silver Nail Polish

Apply OPI ‘Unfrost My Heart’ polish to the right side of the sticker only. Paint a few coats to make it more vivid. Make sure to remove the guide immediately after applying the silver nail polish.


Step 5: Finish with Top Coat

Apply Sally Hansen ‘Miracle Gel’ Top Coat to help protect your manicure. It will also give your side French nails a nice glossy finish. Looking pristine, right?

Classy Sparkly Side French Nails Tutorial Perfect For Prom

There you have it. Your side French nails are done. The process is so easy to recreate so even if you’re just a budding nail junkie you can easily do this on your own. This is definitely the prettiest shade you can ever wear to special events.


For the full tutorial, here’s the video from HannahRoxNails:

This side French nails should definitely be part of your list of go-to nail designs for prom. It’s easy to do but still looks like you spent a hundred bucks at the salon for it. It’s simply stunning! It would also match your crown as Prom Queen perfectly!

Loved these side French nails? This chrome nail art will also look great for parties!

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*Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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