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6 Bio Sculpture Gel Facts You Need To Know

Bio Sculpture Gel products are perhaps the hottest commodity in the nail design market today. Why? Read on and see the amazing benefits it has in store for your nails.

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In this article:

  1. What Is Bio Sculpture Gel?
  2. Is It Safe To Use?
  3. Application Process
  4. Outperforms Acrylic Nails
  5. Products Offered
  6. How to Maintain It

Bio Sculpture Gel Facts To Know Before You Try It

What Is Bio Sculpture Gel?

Bio Sculpture Gel is a brand that differs from traditional gel nails in so many different ways. It is a highly durable gel treatment that is on par, if not, better than its contemporaries.

It also boosts the health of your nails. Primarily, it nurtures the nail bed and allows it to grow neater than usual.

With that said, you’re getting a product that will both satisfy your wants and needs.

Is It Safe To Use?


Absolutely. As a testament to its success and quality, the Bio Sculpture product line has won several awards for the health benefits it provides. In fact, the Bio Sculpture Gel product won a Five Star Safety Rating by Parexel International for surpassing benchmarks in toxicological and clinical research studies.

Application Process

It’s pretty much the same as applying gel nails. Layers of gel will be applied then cured until you achieve the perfect color and gloss.

What makes it different from other gel nail brands is it’s applied with minimal buffing with no primers or bonders required. This means your natural nails won’t suffer from any dehydration.

It’s also worth noting that the gel composition is it’s very flexible. You’ll hardly find any crack or splinter for as long as three weeks.

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Outperforms Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are made of chemicals that can be harmful to nails when used frequently. It can cause thinning while constant use of acetone to remove it will also weaken the nails.

That’s where Bio Sculpture comes in. This smooth transition will let your nails grow out and restore their strength.

Now, your nails should no longer experience any damage when removing acrylic products.

Products Offered

Bio Sculpture offers a wide array of beauty products that are definitely worth the purchase. From clean and color gels to accessories, they got you covered.

Moreover, they have as much as 150 gel color variants you can choose from. Their website provides a comprehensive guide on each product and should help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

How to Maintain It

light manicure on white background | Bio Sculpture Gel Facts You Need To Know

Any nail art design needs proper maintenance to maintain its shine. With Bio Sculpture Gel, here are the things you should take note of to keep your nails gorgeous and healthy.

  • The product works best when used with other Bio Sculpture products. That means the top coat, base coat, and other solvents should be of the same brand.
  • Bio Sculpture Gel is susceptible to ammonia. Majority of home-cleaning products contain this chemical so it’s best to use gloves when doing your chores.
  • Use paraffin dip after applying top coat. This treatment further enhances your nails and serves as a quick therapy for your hands.
  • It takes only 10-20 minutes to remove this from your nails, provided you use the Bio Sculpture Soak Off. It contains natural oils that will keep your nails healthy despite its chemical content.
  • Your maintenance routine depends on how fast your nail grows. Normally, the gel lasts for up to three weeks and that’s about the same time you need for re-coating.

Here’s a step-by-step Bio Sculpture Gel video on how to use apply their product:

As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Well, Bio Sculpture is definitely an exemption. This product, safe to say, is a breakthrough and should be tried by every nail aficionados out there. Not often do you see products that can give you the best of both worlds so giving this product a go is a no-brainer.

Have you tried using Bio Sculpture products before? Share your experience in the comments section below!


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