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Glitter Nail Designs

Glitter Nail Polish Hack | This Will Change Your Nail Game In An Instant
Getting the perfect glitter nail polish on your nails can be challenging but you don’t have to worry anymore! This brilliant glitter nail polish hack will change your life for sure. RELATED: 27 Nail Hacks Every Woman Should Know The Glitter Nail Polish Hack You Must Try Today! You Won't Botch Your Glitter Nail Polish with This…
Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial Perfect for Parties
When it comes to looking your best at parties, a gorgeous rhinestone nail art is the best manicure to have! With some eye-catching nail gem on your nails, you won’t need any other accessory on your wrist! Check out this awesome tutorial for your next party. Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial Perfect For Your Next Party They…
How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish Fast And Easy
Nail art designs, especially the ones using glitter nail polish, always look so gorgeous, but removing them can be a pain in the neck. Unlike regular polish, they tend to leave glitter remnants all over the place. Learn how to remove them easily and without hassle here!
15 Gorgeous Glittery Nail Gems You Must Try
Nail gems is a sure way to make your hands pretty and interesting. There are several ways to do it. You have the choice to use pearls, studs, rhinestones, charms or even Swarovski crystals. The color and designs are limitless as well…
17 Cute French Nail Designs To Celebrate Bastille Day
What better way to celebrate Bastille Day, a French holiday, than showing off super cute French nail designs? Check out these awesome variations of the classic nail art! Bastille Day: 17 Cute French Nail Designs To Try Whether you have French blood running in your veins or not, you can still celebrate the national holiday with…
13 Glitter Nail Designs That Would Still Rock In 2017
Glitter nail designs have such a huge impact in the world of nail art. One can not simply have glamour without glitz written all over it. I personally love how these glitter designs add a bit of sparkle to my manicure. That’s why these epic glitter nail designs from 2016 will still turn heads in…

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