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9 Facts About Dip Powder Nails You Need To Know

There’s a good chance you’ve overheard someone in the salon wanting dip powder nails done on them. Before you follow that path, it is important to know what it is and if it’s beneficial for your nails.

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Everything You Need To Know About Dip Powder Nails

1. What Is It?

manicurist dipping fingernail into pink acrylic | Facts About Dip Powder Nails You Need Know

Dip powder nails mainly differ from other nail enhancement procedure with the materials used. It uses super-pigmented powder and does not require a UV lamp to cure the nails.

This procedure has been around for a while. The reason why it doesn’t seem popular is not many nail salon offer this service.

2. How Is It Done?

woman spooning dip powder on base | Facts About Dip Powder Nails You Need Know

Nail technicians begin by cleaning your nails, removing any excess oils, applying the base coat, and covering each of your nails with colored powder. Once the powder settles, several layers of top coat will be applied. Then, the clear powder will be applied and is finished off by adding another round of top coat.

3. Is It Better Than Acrylic or Gels?


It entirely depends on your preference. Each procedure produces a certain look and effect so it all goes down to what you’re really looking for.

Acrylic nails need to be maintained weekly to prevent chipping. So if you’re wondering what lasts longest, go for powder. If you want nicer texture, go for gel nails.

4. Lasts Longer Than Other Traditional Manicures

Dip powder nails is said to last until three weeks. With proper care and maintenance, it could last until a month or more.

As long as you avoid making contact with anything that can chip your nails, you should be fine. Also, using a high-quality gel top coat could give your nails some much-needed protection and lengthen its duration.

5. How to Remove It?

soaking finger nails bath water | Facts About Dip Powder Nails You Need Know

The reason why few salons offer this service is the intricate removal procedure that goes along with it. It mainly involves soaking the nails in an acetone solution, which leads to the weakening of the nails.

Of course, salons are trying to avoid customer complaints so it’s better if you are well-informed about the consequences of having dip powder nails done.

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6. Can You DIY at Home?

black acrylic dip powder sitting on white paper towel | Facts About Dip Powder Nails You Need Know

Yes, as long as you already know what to do. If it’s your first time however, you may want to have it done at the salon and observe first.

You are basically dealing with chemicals that if not properly applied, could lead to skin and nail damage. It is worth noting that you are risking your natural nails so extra care is necessary.

You can also watch this tutorial and if you think you’re ready, congratulations! You can now save $30-50, which is the amount salons charge for this service.

7. Considered Unsanitary

woman dipping her left thumb black | Facts About Dip Powder Nails You Need Know

Another reason why few salons offer this service is due to sanitation concerns. It is extremely unsanitary for multiple customers to dip their hands on a single powder container.

This could lead to nail infection being passed down to future clients.

8. Could Jeopardize Your Natural Nails’ Health

hands client manicure before applying gel | Facts About Dip Powder Nails You Need Know

Continuous use of dip powder nails and improper removal could lead to your nail plate becoming brittle, fragile, and dehydrated. However, there’s no need to panic as gel, acrylic, and other nail enhancements could also cause these problems.

It’s just that dip powder nails are hard, if not, the hardest nail procedure to remove. It could get really tedious so have a nail technician do it for you.

9. Needs Tremendous Nail After-Care Upon Removal

spa treatment product female feet hand | Facts About Dip Powder Nails You Need Know

Too much exposure to the unhealthy amount of chemicals naturally leads to the weakening of the nails. We’re not only talking about dip powder nails, but also household cleaners.

So make it a point to wear protective gloves when dealing with such chemicals and make sure to apply cuticle oils and renowned moisturizers multiple times a day. Below are some of the best nail health restoration products.

  • Dr. Huschka Neem Nail and Cuticle Oil
  • CND Essentials Nail & Cuticle Oil SolarOil
  • Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover
  • L’Occitane Shea Nail And Cuticle Oil

Learn how to do dip nails at the comfort of your own home courtesy of Gabby Morris:

Having dip powder nails done has its pros and cons so proceed with due diligence. There is no doubt this nail design looks gorgeous so if you’re ready for the after-care that ensues then, by all means, try it.

After all, there’s no harm in trying something new as long as you do the necessary precautions to keep your nails healthy.

Do you find dip powder nails better than gel and acrylic nail designs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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