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Everything’s Groovy With Essie Nail Polish Winter 2016 Collection

While the Fall collection dove right into fashion-savvy Tokyo, the Essie nail polish Winter offerings have a more retro feel to it.

With Essie’s new line, you’ll be ready to party Winter away with some awesome shades and even better formula! Besides, retro is in right now and these new polishes will make sure you enjoy all the parties you go to this season!

Essie Nail Polish Winter Collection Gets A 60s Theme

With 6 new shades under its belt, Essie Nail Polish delivered yet another delight this year. While last season’s line was funky and eclectic, this Winter collection gives you that nostalgic feel for London in the 60s. Other brands have tried the throwback collection but this one goes all the way to the groovy generation. Of course, it works for Christmas and New Year’s Day, too!

Four of the frost shades make you remember how great the 60s was. The other two are metallic colors that resemble the gold and red tinsels during the holidays. As for the formula, you get full coverage with just one to three coats.

Check out the swatches below and pick out which one would look great with your outfit!


1. Oh Behave!

This peach formula reaches full coverage after two coats even though it’s presented as a frost. Although it looks sweet and innocent, partnered with the right outfit and makeup, you can turn into a minx ready to mingle! Get it here for $9.

Everything’s Groovy With Essie Nail Polish Winter 2016 Collection

2. Go With The Flowy

You’ll love this cloudy dove gray shade that has bits of pale blue shimmer. It gives an impression that it’ll shine in the dark. Be free and chill with this mesmerizing frost. Full coverage might require 2-3 coats but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. You can buy it for $9 here.

Everything’s Groovy With Essie Nail Polish Winter 2016 Collection

3. Satin Sister

It’s described as peacock blue. And if that doesn’t scream “party” yet, it also contains the same shimmer found in all of the shades in this collection. It’s great for the perfect night out during a cool night! Purchase your own bottle here.

Everything’s Groovy With Essie Nail Polish Winter 2016 Collection

4. Party On The Platform

Now this color is perfect for the feisty ladies ready to paint the town red! Its strong garnet shade is pushing for a night out this season. If you want to flirt or just have a great time with friends, wearing this color will make your night even better. Start the party now by buying this shade here.


5. Ready To Boa

This is my second favorite shade in the Essie nail polish Winter repertoire. With its foil finish, this mahogany polish is as festive as the golden shade in this collection. It’s bronzed red shimmer makes my nails look sassy and classy at the same time! Buy it here!

Everything’s Groovy With Essie Nail Polish Winter 2016 Collection

6. Getting Groovy

I just love love love this shade so much! Aside from looking perfect for the holidays, it also kind of reminds me of the molten crown Khal Drogo poured all over Viserys in the first season of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Taking away the savagery of the moment, I was thinking more of how mesmerizing the liquid gold was at that time. Getting Groovy, thankfully, looks much more festive than that tragic crown. Buy a bottle for $9 here.


Watch this live swatch by Harli G the new “Getting Groovy” collection from Essie Nail Polish!

I definitely got my eye on Getting Groovy and Ready To Boa, but this new collection from Essie nail polish look great for the holidays. Which shade will you be wearing for your year-end parties this year? Let me know in the comments section below!


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featured image via Try Small Things

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