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17 Amazingly Cool Snow Globe Nails Perfect For The Holidays

Want this holiday season to be unique? Try these very cool snow globe nails for your autumn and winter escapades!

This generation has tried several creative ways to make manicures more interesting! Gel nails, chrome nails, shellac nails, and a lot more! But snow globe nails, for me at least, seem to be the most interesting! Not to mention they’re so fitting for the upcoming holidays!

17 Amazingly Cool Snow Globe Nails Perfect For The Holidays

Who would have known that snow globe nails would be such a hit this year? Thanks to acrylic and gel, we can have actual, glitter-filled snow globes on our nails! Isn’t that something?

It may seem weird to have Christmas decorations mounted on your nails, but apparently, they’re really cool! Plus they’ll look smashing with your Holiday outfit and makeup when you sit down for that Christmas feast!

Since the spherical ball is hollow inside, you can fill it with water or baby oil, glitters, and even an actual tiny snowman. The coolest thing about it is you can shake it around like an actual snow globe!

There are a lot of designs you can do with your snow globe nails. Check out these amazingly cool designs!


1. Silver Snow Globe

Blue glitters inside the snow globe set on a silver nail polish base look like magic in a ball. Like the aquarium nails, this design gives a sense of snow under the ocean. Doesn’t it feel like a magical snowy day under the sea?


2. Autumn Inspired

Your snow globe nails don’t need real snow for it to look amazing. You can use some red, orange and gold glitters to give it that falling leaves feel during Autumn.


3. Aquatic Globe

If you’re going to incorporate water (or baby oil) into your nail art, then you can’t not have an under the water theme! This would also go great with mermaid tail nails on your other pointers. Isn’t this like an upgraded version of aquarium nails.


4. Let It Snow

I just love shaking a snow globe and watching the “snow” settle down on the bottle just so I can shake it up again. This one really took the snow theme to the next level! Having this on your nails will definitely negate the “ugly” effect of those Holiday sweaters!


5. Snowflakes And Red Glitter

Who says you can only use blue for snow themed nails? The red glittered tip on this design helps make the snowman snow globe pop. No pun intended.


6. Crystals And Christmas

This design deserves its place on a Christmas tree of a prominent mantle. Red and gold screams the Holidays so much, don’t you think?


7. Glittery Snow Globe

Every snow globe should have glitters. When you make your own, you can add as much glitters as you want. I personally will put enough to look quite visible when it’s shaken. To keep the glitter theme, the other thumb is painted with different kinds of glitter.


8. Frozen Snow Globe

When you think of snow globes, snowmen easily come to mind. That’s why this design is the perfect pick to start off this list! You’ve got your globe, your snowman and some pretty glitters that look like snowflakes. This is also perfect for “Frozen” lovers!


9. Blue Glitters

Like the other snow globe nails, blue glitters look mesmerizing when put in a snow globe. Keep the rest of your nails neutral to emphasize the blue glitters.


10. Sea Creatures

Another part of the sea theme would look super cute with a little turtle swimming around inside it! Plus, the octopus in this design makes the nails even more intriguing.


11. White Snow Globe

You can use all types of colors but white snow globes are something to see. Pair it with white nails and some crystals and you’ve got yourself an elegant-looking manicure.



12. Snow Globe And Galaxy Nails

Another great way to experiment with snow globe nails is to make fantastic galaxy nails to go with it! This design trend has been making quite a stir among celebrities and nail art enthusiasts! Mixing it up with a clear snow globe nail gives it a mystical feel.


13. Ice Cream Nails

With Christmas approaching, kids become really excited for gifts and of course all the sweet things they can eat! What could be a better combination than snow globes, candy and ice cream for the holidays?


14. Gold And Blue

Who knew gold and blue would work so well together? This design even looks like the glittery balls you hang on a Christmas tree. Instead of using blue, you can use red glitters to partner with the gold accent.


15. Teddy Snow Globe

Not really into the whole plain sphere snow globes? Check out this cool teddy bear design instead! You can even try making other animal heads, like dogs or cats. Maybe you can even try making a reindeer for the Holidays!


16. Christmas Spirit

Snow globes and mistletoes are such a romantic combination. Maybe you can steal a kiss or two from your loved one if you raise your hands while wearing this nail art design! Such an awesome additional Christmas decoration!

Or you can go all out and have this extravagant snow globe nails for the Holiday!


17. Pink Glitters

We’ve got blue, red, and white glitters, it’s time for the pink sparklers to come out! They look wonderful on a pale pink nude base nail as well.


Learn how to create your own snow globe nails with this tutorial from Absolute Nails.

You can literally wear these snow globe nails on any season and put anything inside. You can use flowers, sea creatures, even a miniature of the Eiffel Tower! However, you can go the traditional route and use a snowman for Christmas.

Which design would you like to wear on your nails? Tell me in the comments section below!


If you’re not into the whole 3D design, you should try aquarium nails instead. You don’t have to go to a salon, too! Learn to make this design with this tutorial.


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