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30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

I’m far from over with my love affair with nail colors this season. As you might have noticed, I’m a huge fan of Fall (just check out my previous posts). Here’s another one dedicated to the season as I give you a list of Fall nail colors you shouldn’t miss.

30 Must-Have Fall Nail Colors

With the change of season, it’s time to bring out the best Fall nail colors to flaunt! New and classic Fall nail colors from my favorite nail polish brands are popping up here and there. I sure had fun with summer but there’s something about autumn that I’m so in love with. Perhaps the cold weather or the yummy treats or the amazing outfits I can play with. Well, who knows?

From pretty nudes to stunning reds, these Fall nail colors really show the different shades of the season. They will go well with your amazing outfits this season as well. Additionally, these colors are perfect for the upcoming bunch of holidays too!30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

1. OPI, We The Female

OPI’s Fall collection screams women empowerment! The deep red hue is so rich I can’t help but liken it to a very strong and independent woman. Don’t you just think about female empowerment when you see fall nail colors like this?

2. OPI, Liv In The Grey

Named after Kerry Washington’s character in “Scandal,” this dark gray color is as mysterious as the OPI brand ambassador’s TV persona. If you’re someone who wishes to bring some sort of secrecy to your own character, this is the way to go. Excited to try?

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

3. KL Polish Broccoli & Chocolate

This beautiful deep brown color is perfect for fall. It gives me such a 90’s vibe I can’t shake off, I love it so much I’m wearing this through all seasons.

4. Essie, Udon Know Me

Inspired by Tokyo’s color and energy, this Essie nail polish is just perfect for those dressed-down lazy days. However, lazy days need not be off-fashion days so there’s a need to amp your style. Stay chic with fall nail colors like this from Essie’s collection.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

5. Chanel Nail Gloss, Rogue Radical

This sweet orange-y red hue is a beautiful accent color against the autumn brights that surround us this time of the year. It gives you just a hint of warmth and excitement on your nails.

6. China Glaze, Heroine Chic

Relive 90’s grunge with Heroine Chic. It’s one of the wonderful colors from China Glaze’s Rebel collection, and looks absolutely stunning! The boldness of the color makes it perfect on its own or as an accent to nail art.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

7. China Glaze, Combat Blue-ts

This polish’s matte finish looks gorgeous! However, if you want to have shimmery and glossy Fall Nail colors, just add a top coat to this nail polish and you’re good to go. Super pretty! For just $5 you’ll instantly get a perk me up during this cold season.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

8. KL Nail Polish, Brick

Another one that I’m really loving is this brick color from KL Nail Polish, Kathleen Lights really did herself well with this color. It’s beautifully opaque and is just the right amount of boldness for the gloomy color of fall.

9. Christian Louboutin, Bianca

Fall nail colors to perfectly match the color scheme of this season? Use something on the opposite side of the color wheel like this nail polish. It doesn’t just look stunning, it also has a very posh packaging. I absolutely love it! <3

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

10. Gucci, Sinful Blush

Gucci’s Sinful Blush reminds me of the blush colors I use during particularly cold autumn days. It’s not too shocking, yet it’s also not that soft to look pale.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

11. Dior, Minimal

Not into fierce colors? This muted pale pink color is the nail lacquer for days when you just want to stay in with a hot mug of coffee and a good book to read! This is a personal favorite.

12. Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer, Miss Mars

This couture gray color by Christian Louboutin brings in a classic edginess to your look, it reminds me of a deep asphalt grey color that would suit anyone.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

13. KL Nail Polish, Caramello

Another color variation you can use for fall is this beautiful dark mustard color called Caramello from KL Nail Polish. It’s reminiscent of falling leaves and the turn of color this season. It’s also such a rich color on your nails, this color will definitely stand out.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

14. Chanel, Vamp

Channel your inner vixen with this glossy dark burgundy color! Make your nail polish more dramatic by putting gold glitter on it.

Here’s a nail art design idea you can hack:

15. Deborah Lippmann, All Night Long

The red, gold glitter in this polish gives All Night Long more depth, right? It’s something intensely beautiful and it’s one may go-to Fall nail colors for nighttime wear.

16. Deborah Lippmann, After Midnight

If you’re not a fan of shimmer then this indigo polish is just the thing for you! The simplicity of the color doesn’t take away the glamor attached to it. Stunning!

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

17. Deborah Lippmann, She Wolf

Let your inner wolf roar with this taupe-colored polish from Deborah Lippmann. It’s a great nail polish for those looking for something in the neutral tone family.

18. Yves Saint Laurent, Fur Green

Autumn may be all about golden leaves but this dark green color from Yves Saint Laurent fits right in as part of gorgeous Fall nail colors! Its intensity is very likable.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

19. Dermelect Me Peptide-Infused Nail Lacquer, Vendure

Another green take on fall is this beautiful moss green color from Dermelect, Fall has a very “nature” look to its color palette and I didn’t know I needed a green color until I saw this beauty.

20. RGB Nail Polish, Dusk

This duo chrome color in gray and purple reminds me of the dusk at fall, aptly called Dusk too and I love that they duo chrome colors are both fall colors it just beautifully ties it all in.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

21. Oribe, The Violet

Another color in this line is from Oribe! Like its name, it has an in your face rich violet shade. This shade should be in your Fall nail colors staple.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

22. Dior Vernis Fall 2016 Limited Edition, 848 Skyline

Oh my, this color is giving me life!  This beautiful deep mauve red is a very “vogue” take on fall nail colors and I’m not expecting anything less from Dior either.

23. Jin Soon, Farrago

This wonderfully gun metal gray glitter number is another one of those glamorous fall nail colors that just fits into the fall season really well.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

24. Smith & Cult, Dirty Baby

This Dirty Baby glitter is not as compact as the other metallic grays already featured in this list. This is the reason why this shade makes it to this list. This will blend well as an accent or base in so many stunning nail art designs or you can simply wear it on its own. If I were you, I’d get this one ASAP.

25. Smith & Cult, Bitter Buddhist

It looks like pastels are in this fall. This gray-green polish from Smith & Cult looks amazing and almost similar to Essie’s Udon Know Me, although this one is a little bit on the grayish side.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

26. Morgan Taylor, Rule The Runway

Although it’s described as “slate gray,” Rule The Runway actually has touches of lavender in it. Can you see the hue? I wouldn’t mind donning this to work this Fall. This one looks deceiving on the bottle and actually casts a different hue from person to person.

27. Tom Ford, Viper

Tom Ford’s Viper looks fierce and vibrant and ready for a girl’s night out! Its dark violet coverage is just strong and lady-like at the same time. Are you loving this now? Probably one of the most luxurious nail polish on this list valued at $52 each.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

28. Burberry, Nude Pink No. 101

Although it’s named Nude Pink, this Burberry nail polish also has a hint of pale beige. I have no doubt this will be part of the go-to Fall nail colors of those who have a penchant for the shade.

29. Marc Jacobs, Surrender Dorothy

Marc Jacob’s Surrender Dorothy is a glittery bomb of cherry red created with fine glitters that will look beautiful on your nails. It’s the perfect color to bring a color of romance to an otherwise gloomy palette this season.

30 Gorgeous Fall Nail Colors You Should Definitely Try

30. Nars, 413 BLKR

Of course, there has got to be a deep blue hue for fall, it just isn’t complete without a fall nail color that created a striking bold accent by adding to the coolness of the season and Nars in 413 BLKR is just the perfect color to do that.


Still in need for more Fall nail colors ideas? Check out this video by Fashion Trend Seeker:

The nail game this season is really on! There are so many choices available so variety shouldn’t be a problem for you. I have no doubt you’ll find so many exciting nail designs to recreate using some, if not all, of these Fall nail colors.

Which Fall nail colors do you want to try first? Have you found your color from the list? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you thought this was helpful, check out these manicure hacks to keep your nail polish game on point.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in Nov 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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