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Gold Nails With Mint Accent Tutorial For Your Thanksgiving Party

You won’t go wrong with gold nails for your epic Thanksgiving party! I’m super excited to share with you my tutorial. Learn how to make classy golden nails with a mint French tip with this tutorial!

Still not sure about your outfit or your overall look for this Thanksgiving? You don’t have to think hard for the perfect nail art! There’s nothing like embracing the rich colors of Fall than to embrace some gold in your life!

Classy Gold Nails With Mint Accent For Thanksgiving

Gold nails are so attractive to me, especially when it’s partnered with one or two complementary shades. While most of you have seen gold being used as an accent in other nail art tutorials, in this one, gold polish will be the star of the show!

With Thanksgiving coming up, you can definitely debut this amazing nail art design to your loved ones this Fall. Plus, you’ll also look classier than opting to wear some plain nude or cartoon nails!

After prepping for that epic Thanksgiving party, try these super pretty and extremely easy gold nails to complete your look!


What you’ll need to make these classy gold nails for Thanksgiving:


Step 1: Golden Base

Golden Base | Gold Nails With Mint Accent Perfect For Your Thanksgiving Party

Instead of being added in the last or second to the last step, you will be using your gold polish as a base color. Before painting on your nails, however, make sure you’ve already cleaned, buffed and applied a base coat to your nails. To avoid getting brittle and unhealthy nails, your should always prep your nails thoroughly. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Step 2: Mint French Tip

Mint French Tip | Gold Nails With Mint Accent Perfect For Your Thanksgiving Party

Wait for your golden nail to be completely dry before starting on your French tip. Using a normal polish brush, create a line about 3/4ths down the nail. Now fill in the space all the way down to the edge of the nail.

If you have longer nails then you can have a bigger space for the mint French tip, emphasizing it a bit more.

FRENCH TIP HACK: Take binder-hole reinforcement stickers (or any small, circular sticker you can find) and place them on each fingernail, leaving room at the top of the french tip.

Apply white polish to the area of each fingernail that isn’t covered with stickers and allow it to dry.

Get more nail hacks from my previous blog post, here.


Step 3: Seal And Protect

Seal And Protect | Gold Nails With Mint Accent Perfect For Your Thanksgiving Party

After adding the mint accent, it’s time to seal in the design. Applying a fast drying top coat over your nails will help protect the design for a bit longer. A clear top coat will also give your gold nails that attractively glossy sheen everyone just loves on new manicures!


And you’re done! Now you can show off your classy gold nails with mint accent on your epic Thanksgiving party!

And You're Done | Gold Nails With Mint Accent Perfect For Your Thanksgiving Party


Check out my full video tutorial for this chic gold nails with mint accent nail art below:

You don’t have to stick to using mint green for this design. You can try partnering your gold base nail with some red or even black. You can even turn the French tip matte for a more interesting turn. Experiment with this design but don’t forget to show me how well your version turned out in the comments section below!


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