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14 Glam Prom Nails You Should Check

There’s nothing like totally glam prom nails to make your night perfect! Such gorgeous pointers deserve only the most elegant design for the big dance. Check out this list of the most wonderful designs for your prom nails.

Be The Belle Of The Ball With These Glam Prom Nails

It’s important to have just the right look for prom. An elegant dress, some gorgeous strappy heels, and the perfect makeup? Check, check, and check! However, don’t step out of the house without some glam prom nails.

From the standard glitter to wonderful holographic shades, wear the best nail art to fit your dress! Pick out the best one among these gems!


1. Metallic Party Nails

Metallic Party Nails | Glam Prom Nails You Should Check

One of the latest trends in nail art are mirror-finish chrome nails! They’re great for parties and would look amazing with a silver or black dress.


2. Mint and Gold Nails

Gold And Mint | Glam Prom Nails You Should Check

Gold is a popular color to partner with glamorous gowns. Why not take a step further with the royal color with a mint and gold manicure? You’ll definitely turn heads with this color combination.


3. Blue Ombre

Ombre can turn classy if done right. And by right, I mean some glitter and sparkle! Blue-loving ladies will love this design.


4. Gold Studs

If you don’t want to get an all-gold polish, add some sparkle on your manicure with gold studs. After all, everything looks a little better with some sparkle.


5. Black And Gold

For girls who want to look like a million bucks during prom, having black and gold as a color combination to go for. I personally love seeing the contrast of a bright gold accent on a black base.


6. Gold Flakes

Not a fan of glitter? Try gold flakes instead! They look like gold shavings inside a glass container. Try using gel polish to get the full effect.


7. Party Nails

If you have the budget or the skills (or even know a nail artist) try getting an acrylic nail art. This is also a great way to avoid messy cleanups of glitter polishes. This way, all the glitter is contained inside the acrylic nail, making removal a breeze later on. Or you can go a bit crazier and try aquarium nails as well!


8. Pastel Holo

Who would have thought that you could hear pastel and holo in the same sentence, let alone get to see it in the same manicure. These prom nails look amazing. Not only is the pastel hue cute, the holographic touch makes it quite intriguing.


9. 3D Roses

You can’t think about glamorous prom nails and not look into 3D designs. The rose is one of the most popular choices for parties such as the said high school event. It can even match the color of your dress.


10. Lace Glam Prom Nails

Will you be wearing some lace for prom? Try incorporating it into your nail art for the night? Black, white or even pink, it depends on the color of your gown. Black pretty much goes with anything, while white looks classy and soft.


11. Amber Sunset

Orange can be a bit daunting but wear it right and you’ll be the belle of the ball! One way of softening the shock of it is to mix it with other colors like yellow and maybe some brown.


12. Ruffian Glam Prom Nails

While gold on black looks amazing already, reversing it to get the latter as the accent can have a surprisingly pleasant result as well. This would look amazing with an all black ensemble.


13. Birds Of Paradise

I think peacocks are the most interesting, if not the most beautiful birds in existence. Be the most interesting and beautiful girl during prom night with a design similar to it.


14. Pink Passion

If you’re aiming for a soft, feminine look but still want to look glamorous, try this rose gold number. Just add some red rhinestones on a pink glitter base and you’re ready to crowned as Prom Queen.


Here’s a video tutorial of the mint and gold design for your glam prom nails.

Whether you opt to go for a classic nude finish or an extravagant gold design, it’s important to include gorgeous prom nails into your whole outfit. Which one in the list would look great with your dress? Let me know in the comments section below!

Still don’t know which prom nails to go with? Try classic white! Check out the best white nails you can use from this list.

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