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11 Epic Star Wars Nail Art From A Galaxy Far Far Away

May the 4th is just around the corner, so it’s time to explore some amazing Star Wars nail art ideas.

Despite the global pandemic situation, let’s not get discouraged. If you are looking for a creative way of enjoying Star Wars day at home, we got you (and your nails) covered.

We want to inspire you to put your own spin on May the 4th celebrations from the coziness of your sofa. Want to know how? Well, is time to go crazy over themed manicures from a Galaxy Far Far Away!

Are you ready to awaken the Force? Tune in and check out the most epic Star Wars nail designs!

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Star Wars Nail Art You Can Copy for May the 4th

1. Glow in the Dark Star Wars Nails

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Such an awesome Star Wars art brings a whole new level of epicness to the fingernails of any hardcore fan. The precise hand-drawn images of our favorite characters definitely take us to A Galaxy Far Far Away. The force is strong with this glow in the dark nail design.

2. Minimalistic Characters Nails


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If you are looking for easy Star Wars nails ideas, this type of nail art would definitely inspire you. The minimalistic design is quite simple to recreate by both manicure enthusiasts and nail care professionals.

3. Classic Star Wars Manicure


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The epic movie series is classic, and so is this simple and minimalistic Star Wars nail art. The yellow and black polish combination is a nostalgia throwback to the original trilogy from the 70s.

4. Sith Lord Fingernails


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Time to impress with Dark Side Star Wars nail designs? Brace yourself for these stunning Sith Lord nails! The dark-shaded (dark-sided) artwork is moderately simple to pull off. Depending on your skills and experience, I would suggest you go for custom art drawings or Star Wars nail stickers.

5. Darth Vader Nail Design

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The Darth Vader design is just another cool idea for Star Wars nail art. This clean and modest manicure is proof that sometimes simplicity creates the biggest WOW-effect. In case your expertise is not far advanced to be able to manually draw the Dark Jedi, try applying Star Wars nail wraps as an alternative.

6. Stormtrooper Nail Art


Stormtrooper nails are classic. The clean and minimalistic design is easily achievable even by amateurs. The manual artwork is simple and does not require any special skills. You can effortlessly turn white polish nails into a cool Star Wars manicure.

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7. BB8 Nail Art


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This cute ball droid stole the hearts of millions with his purr sounds, binary blurbs, and beeps. The artist behind this adorable BB8 nails used Star Wars nail decals to recreate the image of this lovable character on her fingernails.

8. Porg Star Wars Nails


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Fans are going crazy over the cuteness of the furry big-eyed creature – Porg! It even inspired this incredible custom Star Wars nail art. A Porg’s main features are easy-to-draw, thus the most difficult part in the recreation of this manicure would actually be the galaxy nails.

9. C-3PO Nail Art


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This inspirational Star Wars nails design is golden! (pun intended.) C-3PO (Threepio) is one of the most beloved characters in the epic series that’s been around since the very beginning.

To make the best of this Threepio manicure, the nail care professional bet on a manually-drawn robot and decal application.

10. Baby Yoda Nail Inspo


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The Child, also referred to by fans as Baby Yoda, is the charming creature from Star Wars’ spin-off web series “The Mandalorian” (2019). The cute character is already a fan favorite, inspiring nail design enthusiasts to get creative.

Baby Yoda manicure is easy to replicate for an adorable take on Star Wars nail art.

11. R2D2 Star Wars Manicure

A Star Wars nail art list would not be completed without a manicure tribute to all generations’ favorite robot. This nail design is simple, yet sophisticated.

It incorporates galaxy elements along with a custom-drawn R2D2 character. A fantastic end result for pulling off epic Star Wars fingernails.

Feeling inspired? Check out our Chrome nails video tutorial:

Additional Tips:

Whether you decide to stick to custom art drawings or use stamps and decals, you can still achieve amazing results. To purchase epic wraps from a trusted brand, search for Star Wars Jamberry nail stickers, you can buy them on eBay, Amazon, and other online retailers.

We wish you an amazing and cozy Star Wars Day. Take care, stay home, and May the 4th be with you!

Which Star Wars nail design was your favorite? We cannot wait to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


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