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Coffin Nails | 21 Nail Designs For The Hottest Trend In 2020

Coffin nails have a spooky ring to them, but they are so edgy and sexy, you’ll want some. Check out these gorgeous coffin nail designs for long nails!

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Popular Designs for Coffin Nails You Will Die to Try

Take on the Coffin Nails Trend and Get Your Own Hollywood Glam

Ballerina nails or the coffin-shaped nails became a huge trend in 2016, and it’s definitely carrying over this year, as well. Celebrities like Cardi B and Rihanna flaunt their coffin nail designs on social media to the delight of their followers.

It’s also Kylie Jenner’s signature nail shape, so it’s no surprise everybody wants to wear the popular trend in nail design. Not only do these nails look amazing, but they also look great on almost all finger shapes!

Do Coffin Nails Need to Be Really Long?

Coffin nail designs look great on long nails because of the ample nail bed space. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it with shorter nails.

The point is to get a length where you can have flat edges on tapered nails.

On that note, the flat edges of the nails are another plus in my books. They prevent me from scratching anyone accidentally and ruining my nail design, and my nails.

Long nail lovers will surely want these coffin nail designs, but those who have reservations for long cat claws can enjoy them, too. Check out these coffin nails and nail designs you can try for yourself now!

1. Baby Pink Matte


Pink and matte–two of my favorite things on my nails! This nail design took advantage of the coffin shape to create a simple but pretty nail art.

This is perfect for office ladies and students who prefer subtle but still gorgeous nails for everyday wear.

2. Nude and Glitter

Glitter always makes nude nails ten times better. It’s classy and attractive at the same time.

I personally love getting nude polishes, but when I’m in the mood, I add some gems to make it stand out.

Do all of these on coffin-shaped nails, and you’ve got a manicure perfect for a night out!

3. Frosted

Ombre nails look amazing, especially on long nail beds. This coffin nail design used nude and white polish to create an ombre look for a translucent, frosted effect. Brides would love this design!

4. It’s Golden

For a flashy look, you can never go wrong with glitters!

While a girl’s best friend is diamonds, gold is a nail art enthusiast’s drug. The long nails also enhance its overall look.

5. Matte Purple Coffin Nails

If you prefer something bolder, this matte purple design would be great for you! Even though this shade of purple is a little too loud and bright, a matte finish on long coffin nails gives it a touch of class.

6. Black Matte and Nude Coffin Nails With Gold Accents

Another favorite combination of mine is having nail gems and gold accents on black matte nails. With thousands of pins on Pinterest, it seems that I’m not alone.

Then again, crystals always look great on black nails.

Black and white design with beautiful studs look super elegant as well:

7. Black Matte


Do the classic black if you opt for a more traditional manicure. However, making your black polish matte on coffin-shaped nails will give it some character.

Besides, who doesn’t love matte nail polish?

8. Glitter Gray

Glitter can go with anything, and this gray design is no exception. While having a purple-tinged gray enhances the glitter’s sparkle, you can also try out different shades of the color.

You can go for a lighter or darker shade, depending on your preference.

9. Matte V French Tips

French tips are usually reserved for shorter, squarer nails. For coffin nail designs, however, try a V-shaped tip instead.

It elongates your nails and makes it more interesting as well. Add some nail gems, and you’ve got a nail art that’s fit for a queen.

10. Rose Gold and Crystals

One of my favorite colors last year was rose gold. Turns out, I’m not alone.

Several other women loved the pinkish gold hue as well.

For this coffin nail design, you would need some rose gold chrome powder and glitter of the same shade. Prepare for a jaw-dropping turn out.

11. 3D Rose


Flowers have also been a staple design for all kinds of nail art.

Take things further with some 3D roses on nude polish. It’s subtle but still quite attractive with the embossed flowers on your fore and ring finger.

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12. Nude Ballerina Nails Glitter Party

If you can’t decide what color to base the ombre nail with, just go for natural. Then again, glitter always makes my day a bit better, especially if it’s on coffin nails.

Other people may think glitters are only for little girls and teens, but nowadays, nothing’s stopping anyone from wearing it, too.

13. Coral Baby Short Coffin Nails Design

These short coffin nails in coral hue are anything but boring: you have diagonal gold accents in the middle finger, nails in matte polish, and baby pink polished nails with glitters.

To get a coral hue nail polish, mix neon orange and blush pink acrylic. Use thin gold strips for your gold accent and voila!

Perfect short coffin nails to complete your fun and bubbly look.

14. Acrylic Powder Rainbow Color Block Coffin Nails

Dying to try some neon color nail polish? Bust out on your first time and paint your nails with different neon shades for rainbow coffin nails.

It should be the perfect coffin nail color to celebrate pride month with. You can DIY this nail design easy by switching up colors with this color block nail art how-to.

15. “Mint to Be” Matte Coffin Nails

Oh-em-gee! I’ve never been more excited about mint green nail polish until this coffin nail design. Too bad I didn’t see this design for a mint-themed wedding I attended.

But then, I don’t have to find an excuse to wear this coffin nail design because it’s also perfect for a beautiful Sunday morning stroll or afternoon picnic.

16. Marble Rose Red Coffin Nails

All-red coffin nails are a classic but we like to take it up a notch with the marble effect and subtle hints of dark, almost purple hues of roses. Experiment on ways to get the marble effect on nails the internet is peppered with.

17. Rainbow Ombre Coffin Nails

Dress up your nude nails with rainbow ombre. Use a sponge to dab the gradient colors on your coffin nails.

18. Neon-Bordered Coffin Nails

Still want to sport a full neon nail color? You can get on the neon trend by doing this border mani in neon nail polish.

It’s like French tips with extensions.

19. Short Nude Coffin Nails

While this pretty nail design is also fine in long nails, it seems cuter in short ones. Nothing could be more perfect for an outdoor summer wedding or Valentine’s day date.

20. Blue Coffin Nails

Admittedly, longer coffin nails are edgier but you can still give your shorter coffin nails a wow factor with a rhinestones studded design. Throw in some tiny bits of metallic foil for glints of gold accents.

21. White Ballerina Nails

Keep it clean and simple with a plain white coffin nail design. Still, give it something for people to take a second look at with vertical gold strips accent.

Want to learn the first step to getting gorgeous coffin nail designs? Find out how to shape your nails in this tutorial by The Nails Queen!

Coffin nails may sound scary but these nail designs are so alluring, you’ll go right ahead and run the risk. Whether you want them on long nails or prefer toning the length down, you can flaunt coffin nails with these designs.

Don’t you just find coffin nail designs mesmerizing? Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 21, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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