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30 Gorgeous Spring Nail Designs To Brighten Up The Season

These spring nail designs will definitely brighten up the season! From pastel rainbows to floral nail designs, you’ll surely love looking at these arts on your nails.

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Greet the Season With Cute and Fun Spring Nail Designs

Nail Designs for Spring to Match Your Lovely Look This Season

My favorite season is almost here! I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved seeing blooming flowers, fluttering butterflies, and chirping birds everywhere during spring.

Like a Disney movie, it’s about flowers, butterflies, and rainbows. Not to mention going on vacation for spring break.

To enjoy nature this season, it’s important to have the perfect outfit, makeup, and manicure. This roundup of fun and easy spring nail designs will help.

I just love those pastel rainbow nails as well as those gorgeous floral nails by celebrity nail artist Chelsea King, but my favorite a trendy nail art you might dig also. Want to see them?

Here are 25 classic and new spring nail designs you can draw inspiration from for your new manicure this season!

1. Delightful Daisies

This Marc Jacobs perfume-inspired nail art would perfectly complement a flowing white dress. It gives off a fresh feeling that’s both feminine and lively. If put side by side, the flowers also fall in a straight line.

2. Spring Please!

When I think about the spring season, I think about nature and life. This design has a silhouette of leaves and branches on a base with a smattering of bright yellow, orange, and green.

The dark wide French mani on the background gives your nail a fierce yet fun look.

3. Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree Nail Art

Spring would be incomplete without cherry blossom trees and their beautiful flowers. Instead of the usual light pink and white designs, however, this one used gold and green ombre for the background.

Work on coffin nails to get the full effect of the cherry blossoms swaying with the breeze.

4. Robin’s Egg Nails

These robin’s egg nails look like the real deal! A matte finish in pastel blue, green, yellow, and white nail polish make a perfect base.

Top them with brown flecks to mimic a real robin’s egg. These creative spring nail designs look so real people might even mistake them for candies!

5. Rose Gold Glitter and 3D Roses

Glitter always looks wonderful on long nails. Take one step further by adding a flower on one of the nails.

You can try using a nude 3D rose like this design, or prefer another kind, like colored pastel roses to give the manicure a splash of color. Accent with rhinestones.

6. Polka Dots

A springtime classic! Polka dots are adorable anywhere and wearing them around on your fingertips is a sure way to cause a stir. Go with bright colors to really capture the mood of spring. Love is in the air!

7. Golden Flowers

If you don’t like glitters, then make the floral design shine instead. Metallic gold flowers sparkle even more on a muted base like a nude or white shade. Or you can mix both colors and come up with a frosted-like base.

8. Handpainted Roses

Floral designs look even better when they’re drawn by hand. This design has roses on the tips of the nails like a French tip manicure with a spring twist!

9. Floral Nails by Chelsea King

Floral Nails by Chelsea King | Gorgeous Spring Nail Designs To Brighten Up The Season
Floral Nails and Phone Case Photo by Chelsea King Manicurist

Matching your nails with your things can be a fun thing. Celebrity nail artist Chelsea King took inspiration from her iPhone case to create such a pretty design! Coincidentally, it’s also perfect for the upcoming season.

10. Cartoon Flowers Gorgeous Spring Nail Designs

Created by Chelsea King as well, these cartoon flowers stand out more with a metallic background. She used Revlon’s new ColorStay Gel Envy to create this spring-ready look.

11. Detailed Flower Nails by Alicia Torello

Another celebrated nail stylist, Alicia Torello, shared her excitement for the upcoming season as well. She used detailed floral decals on nude nails and added some gold gems for accent.

112. Gradient Pink and White Pastel for Spring Season

With spring comes the emergence of pastel colors and I’m not mad about that. I totally love bringing out my pastel nail polishes to create wonderful designs perfect for the season.

This design used a gradient of pale pink pastel and white for the base. Meanwhile, the gold glitters and metallic foils give it character.

13. Sea Glass

Beach glass nails don’t call upon fancy application techniques like most of these styles, as long as you carefully layer on the matte top coat. Also, make sure you stick to a sheer color for maximum effect. Your nails will look like something out of a surf rock music video.

14. Polka Pastel

Another design perfect for spring is polka dots! Use pastel colors like these baby blue, purple, yellow, gray, and pink shades and you’ve got a vintage spring manicure.

15. Pastel Rainbow Nails

Another fun thing about spring is the emergence of rainbows. Sadly, unicorns don’t come out and play during this colorful season but the rainbow more than makes up for it.

Although it looks hard to create, you only need makeup sponge to create the rainbow ombre nails effect/design on this nail art.

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16. Rainbow Glitter Sharpie Nail Art

However, if you love glitter, then this nail art is the perfect choice for you! Glitters in all the shades of the rainbow?

Make said glitters look like they’re falling down your nails? Oh, yes! This is another fun and simple nail design with the aid of sharpie pens.

17. The Green Yin Yang

Yin Yang Nails

Religious symbolism aside, the yin yang is a cool design. Slap it onto your nails, and it’s sublime. Give it this gorgeous poppy green hue, and it’s to die for! As a bonus, it’s perfect for Spring!

18. Rainbow Chevron

On the other hand, if you want a more subtle manicure, then you should check out this rainbow chevron ombre nails. You can make zigzag strips from a nail tape with zigzag craft scissors to help with the nail design.

Spring nail design doesn’t always have to be floral. You can still wear geometric or negative space nail designs if you prefer them.

19. Cloud Nails

Clouds have been a very popular nail design as of late, and they are just perfect for spring. They go with any light-colored clothing, especially white or baby blue!

They’re also fun to apply, as the cotton swab technique has delightfully different results every time you do it!

20. Sweet Spring Mix

Using a mix of different shapes and images create a wonderful nail design. Take these cute spring images looking like you’re ready for a picnic in the park.

Since you will need your natural nails for this design, a bit of buffing will be needed to take out discoloration. With different spring nail designs for each nail, simple household items like toothpicks will help.

21. Blue and Pink Negative Space Nails

Blue and Pink Negative Space Nails | Gorgeous Spring Nail Designs To Brighten Up The Season
Pink & Blue Negative Space Tape Nail Art Photo by Life World Women

Wearing negative space nails will never go out of season. You just need to tweak the colors.

In this case, blue and pink negative space designs you make some perfect nail design for spring!

22. Easy Peach and Gold Glitter Nail Art

Painting your nails a nice warm peach is also as spring as it gets. It’s often overlooked in nail designs, but you can start a trend.

You can handle that with this easy spring nail design. You only need:

  • base and top coat nail polish
  • gold glitter
  • light peach nail polish
  • white nail polish for French manicure tips

Prep your nails as always and paint them all with a light peach nail polish leaving the nails on your pinky and ring fingers. Paint your nails on your ring fingers with gold glitter polish, then design your pinky nails making both your accent nails.

23. Nail Art Spring Floral Design

Okay, you’ve got to check this out–a versatile nail design perfect for spring. If you’re not too keen on celebrating spring holidays from Easter to St. Patrick’s Day but still wish subtle hints of the holidays on your nails, this is it!

It’s a cool green base with floral designs and rhinestone accents. Couldn’t be any more perfect the whole spring season through.

24. Beautiful Spring Manicure with Gold Glitters

Spring ought to be a breeze so why not go for easy-to-apply nail stickers and glitters on your nail art? Yes, it’s tricky to apply the tiny rose stickers, but perhaps you’d agree easier than painting, right?

25. Pretty Plum Flower

Maybe you’d agree also, this is the easiest spring nail art you’ve come across in this list. While it looks so simple, that is where its beauty is coming from if you’d ask me.

For those who like it sweet and simple, simply paint flowers and polka dots using a dotting tool on natural nails. This pretty plum flower spring nail art should be perfect for short nails.

26. Pink and White Cherry Blossoms Nail Art

Capture the essence of cherry blossoms on your nails with this gorgeous spring nail design. Perfect for spring weddings and prom it’s bound to be a stunner, looking just as pretty as the real thing.

To get this design, your fingers should have a nice spring to it. You will need it for dry brushing and light strokes of a polish liner for branches and cherry blossoms design.

27. Pastel Nails with Fan Brush Designs

Like it or not, pastel is a signature spring shade. This pastel nail design with fan brush art and a wee bit of sparkle fit right in.

It gives the right amount of spring vibe–not too plain and boring but not too accented and blingy.

28. Dry Marble Floral Nail Art

I have to say I’m partial to this spring nail design having had too much sweet pastel and floral designs. Oh no, that would be an understatement because this one’s my favorite in this list of spring nail design.

If pastel and rainbow colors are too dainty for your taste this season, maybe you’ll love this one, too. If you like sleek color combos instead of rainbows, vivid colors over pastel colors, then I bet you and I are on the same page.

29. Glitter Orbit

For those who want a little glitter in their lives but don’t want to draw too much attention, glitter orbit nails are your answer!

Glitter orbit nails

30. Neon Polka Dot Nail Art

Going for an Easter-themed look for an Easter egg hunting spree this spring holiday? Polka-Dotted nails should top the look you’re going for.

This neon polka dot nail art with a gradient effect will accentuate a simple and comfy dress for a day of frolicking outdoors.

Want more spring nail designs? Try recreating this spring daisy nail art from Cute Polish!

Springtime is almost here! Let’s welcome this season and paint your nails with these spring nail designs. You will never go wrong with floral designs, pastel colors, and bold patterns.

Which one of these spring nail designs would you like to try on your fingers?  Tell me which one got your attention in the comments section below!


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