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Get Whimsical With Zoya Nail Polish Holiday Collection 2016

Christmas is all about the glitters and shimmers and the Zoya Nail Polish holiday collection 2016, “Enchanted,” delivers all that and more!

There’s nothing like a beautiful shimmer or metallic shade to bring out the whimsy for Christmas. Zoya’s latest collection didn’t just give us a smattering of those in “Enchanted.” The entire set seems to be an ode to magical moments! And what season could be more magical than the Yuletide season?

Zoya Nail Polish Holiday Collection 2016 Is ‘Enchanted’

When it comes to winter collections, I have to admit, I immediately look for the sparkles and metallic shades. And while the other brands did include glittery top coats and some shimmery shades, I believe Zoya Nail Polish nailed the sparkles with this year’s holiday offerings.

While we’ve had glitters in other brand’s collections, “Enchanted” has pretty glitters on all 6 shades! I just love the matte glitter finish on 4 of the shades! Somehow they feel more like Christmas than if they had a shiny or metallic finish. And they’ll look perfect with your winter outfits this year!

You can get all six shades as a set for $54.

But first, check out all the pretty Zoya Nail Polish “Enchanted” shades here!


1. Olivera

This “spellbinding color-flip metallic” turns green with a touch of indigo when put under the right light. Watching this change color reminds me of a rainbow or the Aurora Borealis. It definitely fits the whole enchanted, whimsical theme of the collection.

Get Whimsical With Zoya Nail Polish Holiday Collection 2016

2. Alice

Periwinkle is already a bright enough color but the blue and magenta sparkles add more depth to it, don’t you think? I also love that it has a matte finish. Plus I think it would perfectly reflect the light off of snow.

Get Whimsical With Zoya Nail Polish Holiday Collection 2016

3. Saint

The second metallic shade in this color is described as whimsical. It certainly is with its very subtle pink shimmer. You might not be able to see it at first glance but if you look close enough it’s certainly gorgeous!

Get Whimsical With Zoya Nail Polish Holiday Collection 2016

4. Waverly

Waverly is the darker version of Alice. It’s a deep sapphire with light blue sparkles that turn matte. The formula is thick enough to need only 2 coats for that dark blue color to come out.


5. Elphie

This shade is described as a “bewitching emerald green” with just enough sparkles to make it look like those Christmas wreathes you drape on your door. It also dries matte, making it perfect for the holiday season! This could a be base for a Christmas-tree themed nail art design. Draw in some red or gold balls and you’re good to go!

Get Whimsical With Zoya Nail Polish Holiday Collection 2016

6. Lorna

With its “luscious berry” shade and “sugary sparkle,” Lorna is another perfect Christmas polish. This and Elphie just screams Yuletide season and I’d be willing to wear this for Christmas Eve festivities. Like the four other sparkle-heavy polishes in this collection, Lorna also dries matte and it’s wonderful!


Watch this live swatch from SloppySwatches to see how well it applies.

Wasn’t that an awesome experience? Going through all these sparkles and shimmers certainly felt like stepping into a magical world. I just loved the glitter matte finishes, but then again, I’ve always had a soft spot for matte. Which ones did you like? Let me know in the comments section below!


Thinking of creating some wonderful nail art with this collection? Check out these Christmas-themed nail designs!

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