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11 Classy Mauve Nail Designs For An Exquisite Look

With everything that is going on across the world right now—the pandemic, limited social movement, the work-for-home trend that has become the new normal-you might say, “What mauve nails? We’re on lockdown.”

Well girl, at the very least, you need great nails. With so much negativity going around, we all need pretty distractions.

And so, I have put together a list of glittery, blingy, cute, matte, gel, and classy mauve nail designs you can try to pass the time. While some are rather easy to replicate, others you might want to keep tabs on for your manicurist for when we’re all finally free.

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1. Boho Mauve Nails

Matte mauve makes the best nail polish for a boho design. The gel-kind lasts longer and to make sure you have a smooth spacious canvas, grab some coffin-shaped acrylic tips.

2. Shimmer Fade Mauve Nail Design


In no world will you go wrong with a blend of shimmer and mauve. You can mix glitter and gel polish, or use magnetic nail polish to achieve varying shimmer levels.

3. Glitter Mauve Ombre Elegance


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Ombre mauve design may be the ultimate mark of simplicity and calmness, but it shouts sophistication we don’t see every day. While other nail arts for the season scream “spring break,” these lovelies whisper elegant lounging.

4. Dilution Mauve Nail Design


Here’s a subtly genius play of the purple color spectrum. What I love best about this is that I can match my lipstick shade with it.

If you don’t feel like doing matte, go for a shiny or glittery finish. Though with glittery, you’re going to need the silver color too.

5. Cabaret-like Mauve Bling Nails


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Take a trip back to 15th century France when dance, music, theater, and wine came together in taverns with these pink mauve nails. Add some rhinestones to your art for an added 3D finish.

6. Poetic Pink Mauve Nail Art

Poetic Pink Mauve Nail Art | Classy Mauve Nail Designs For An Exquisite Look | mauve acrylic nails

Fancy Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? As Taylor Swift’s song goes, “Baby, just say ‘yes’.” I mean, to these mauve-pink nails.

But feel free to say ‘yes’ to love, if that’s what you want. We all deserve to receive it after all.

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7. Marble Mauve Nails with Rhinestones

Marbling nail polish is a fun technique you can try if you’re not into polishing straight lines. Then, up the challenge for by populating your nail beds with rhinestones of varying shapes, sizes, and colors.

8. Pink Mauve Nails in Glitter

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For glammed up nails with zero effort, try using glitter polish. You get the instant shimmer without the back and forth sticking and aligning of nail jewels.

9. Floral Mauve Spring Nail Art for Short Nails

If you’ve been reading my posts, you’d know I like a list with a good mix of easy and challenging nail designs. This one’s leaning on the latter, you need a thin paintbrush for a neat sketch.

10. Solid Mauve


And this one’s the easy approach. It’s a simple solid color mauve nail design that attracts attention for all the right reasons—just and dry!

11. Light Mauve Polish with Tattoo Nail Art

If you’re like me who thinks about getting a tattoo but never does, this is the time to give in—at least on your nails. Plus, it’s temporary!

Challenge yourself or keep it simple. Either way, I hope these mauve nails make you feel pretty and get you out of boredom.

Which of these mauve nail designs caught your fancy? Tell us your new favorite in the comment section below.

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