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[How-To] Radiant & Chic Paint Splatter Nails That Will Entice You

We honestly can’t go wrong with going freestyle designs. If you’re afraid of making mistakes or you’re frustrated of not being able to recreate flawlessly each nail art design that you want, then you don’t have to worry with this Paint Splatter Nails because you don’t have to be precise with this design. Paint splatter nails are so easy and fun to make. Whenever you need to have a quick yet stylish nail makeover, this design is the best option. They don’t need to be perfectly made, they just need to be colorful!

[How-To] Radiant & Chic Paint Splatter Nails That Will Entice You

Create A Beautiful Mess Painted On Your Nails

For some, paint splatter nails are very ordinary. But today, we’re taking this nail art to a whole new level. I’m pretty sure that you’ll definitely love them!

Also, this design is also undeniably perfect for the summer. Now, this makes me think of a good mantra. It says a little something like this: Paint a design that’s cool for the summer, but as chic and feminine like you!

Now let’s check this design from cutepolish below:





[How-To] Radiant & Chic Paint Splatter Nails That Will Entice You

Step 1: Base Coat

Start off with a base coat to protect your natural nails.

Tip: Applying a good base coat is vital to a long-lasting manicure and it will also prevent your nails from staining.

Step 2: Base Color

For the base color, apply 2 coats of white nail polish.

Tip: For perfect application, go for one strip down the middle, and then one on each side. Then, quickly spread out any excess polish.

Step 3: Latex Barrier

Before splattering, begin by covering your nails with latex, or clear tape.

Tip: If using a latex, give it a couple of minutes to dry and place a paper towel beneath your hands so you don’t get nail polish on your table.

Step 4: Paint Splatter Nails

Pick your first nail polish color and add a big blob onto the back of a nail swatch. Then, use a straw to scoop up some of the nail polish. After that, blow hard into the straw to splatter the polish over your nails.


Step 5: Reusing The Straw

To reuse the straw for the next color, just take some scissors and cut off the tips to so it’s brand new again.

[How-To] Radiant & Chic Paint Splatter Nails That Will Entice You

Step 6: Do The Same With The Other Colors

Move on to the next colors and do the same steps.

Tip: Remember, less is more so don’t overdo it with the splatters. You still want you base color which is white, to be shown.

Step 7: Peel Off The Barrier

Once the splattering is complete, you can peel off the barrier from around your fingers and clean up any excess polish on your fingers.


Step 8: Perfect Those Cuticles

And finally, use a paint brush dipped in acetone to perfect those cuticles.

Tip: A thorough clean up is very important for this design because it’s a messy look.

Step 9: Matte Top Coat

Finish off with a matte top coat to really make the paint splatter nails stand out.

[How-To] Radiant & Chic Paint Splatter Nails That Will Entice You

And you’re done

What a beautiful splatter arrangement on your nails! See? you don’t have to worry about recreating this design on your nails. There’s beauty to its imperfection. How the colors splatter freely on the nails are simply perfect, right?


You can watch the full video tutorial below:

Do you like your newly polished nails? Hope you had fun recreating this design! Tell us how it went by leaving a comment down below! Happy painting!

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