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17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

Nail art designs come out differently depending on your nail shape. If you want to have square nails, here are nail art inspirations you might want to try.

Gorgeous Long And Short Square Nails You Can Try

Nails naturally come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Each person has unique nail features. Some may have short fingers and short nails, others with long and elongated nails and a combination in between. Your nail artist will definitely do your nails depending on their shape and how it will complement your chosen design. If you have either long or short square nails, here are nail art inspiration you can try.

1. Mermaid Square Nails

Since it’s almost summer, these mermaid square nails are totally “in”. I love the way the color combination and glitters complement each other. This is one of my favorite long square nail design.

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

2. Nude Long Square Nails With Glitters

Nude nails will match anything and when I say anything, I meant your makeup, hairstyle, and outfit. Whether it’s a simple day at work and school or a romantic date, you will never go wrong with this simple and elegant design.

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

3. Gold And Aquamarine With 3D Flowers

This nail art design isn’t just for the summer, you can flaunt this design all year round. The gold and aquamarine combination made the design unique and elegant. Plus, the 3D flowers are cute!

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

4. Black And White Diamond Nails

This black and white diamond square nail design is elegant and sleek at the same time. The color combination and diamond prints make it a must-have nails when you’re going out with friends, on a friendly date or a night out with friends.

5. Simple Pink Short Square Nails

If you want shorter square nails, a simple one-color nail design is best for you. This pink gel polish is bright and feminine, perfect for the summer!

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

6. Marble Nails

Marble nail art is perfect for a square-shaped nail. This simple design is perfect for formal events or even for a romantic dinner with your partner.

7. French Tip On Square Nails

French tips have always looked good on square-shaped nails. This, in particular, had maroon and white French tips that are absolutely gorgeous.

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

8. Nude Dandelion Nail Design

Who doesn’t love dandelions? This nude nails with dandelions are so cute and elegant at the same time. You can pair it with any outfit, makeup or hairstyle.

9. Short Aztec Square Nails

If you have naturally wider nails than your peers, don’t fret. Turning your nail shape to square will surely complement your hands and nails. Besides, everyone should focus on their nails, no matter what shape they are.

10. 4th Of July-Inspired French Nails

Since the 4th of July is just around the corner, you can make your nail art a symbol of your love for the country! You can try this French tip design on square nails.

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

11. Hand-Painted Pink Nails

Hand-painted nails are unique and beautiful. You can’t find any other design just like yours if it’s hand-painted.

12. Gray Nails

These gray and silver bling square nails are timely and radiant. You can wear this for a night out with friends or a company party.

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

13. White Nails With Black Detail

White acrylic nail polish will definitely look good on your square nails. Add details on one of your nails with black acrylic. Any design will do, just be creative!

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

14. Peach Nails With Fairy Dust

Peach-colored nails look simple yet elegant. It’s perfect for weddings or your prom. Plus, the fairy dust, 3D crystals and gold nail polish make the design look more classic and chic.

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

15. Elegant Black And Violet Nails

Black and violet may look dark for some people. But for me, they’re a perfect combination if you’re looking for something sophisticated.

16. Yellow Summer French Tips

Yellow is bright and perfect for the summer! These French tips are colorful and will perfectly match your summer outfits!

17 Square Nails Inspiration | Nail Designs

17. Marilyn Monroe Nails

Who would forget Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous actresses of her time? This nail art perfectly showcases her beauty and bubbly personality. The movie strips added character to the whole design.

Square nails are easy to do, here’s a tutorial by Kelli Marissa:

Square nails are popular for many girls out there. I, for one, always had square nails because it’s easier to maintain and design. You can do anything with this shape, whether you have long or short nails. Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

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