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13 Adorable Thanksgiving Nails To Gush Over During Dinner

Get fresh ideas for your Thanksgiving nails here! Enjoy these awesome nail art designs to complete your outfit this year!

Cute Thanksgiving Nails For Your Dinner Party

It’s time for me to discover new Thanksgiving nails to try for the festivities awaiting me this month. Wouldn’t it be a blast to partner Autumn-perfect outift, makeup and accessories with just the right manicure? You can have festive nails for the day with gold and glitter or keep it simple but stunning with nudes and pretty hand-made designs. Whichever you prefer, wearing Thanksgiving nails will surely put you right in the festive mood!

1. Autumn Nails

Autumn Nails | Adorable Thanksgiving Nails To Gush Over During Dinner

When Autumn arrives, excitement for Thanksgiving and the holidays also build up. Even before Fall is officially announced, the site of orange-red leaves on trees is enough to make my heart skip a beat! However, there are still a lot of flowers that bloom in Autumn and it’s worth it to see some beautiful seasonal flowers in bloom! Follow this wonderful tutorial that I created to bring those flowers to your nails!

2. Pilgrim Turkey

The Pilgrims and Puritans played a vital role in the first ever Thanksgiving feast. Offering the turkey as well as the feast to natives was a way to broker peace in an unknown land. Now, November 24 brings families together for a time to gives thanks for the blessings they received. This cute design has its turkey dressed as a Pilgrim to commemorate the first ever Thanksgiving dinner all those years ago.

3. Polka Dots With Flowers

Keep your Thanksgiving nails simple but colorful with this polka dot with flowers design. Use orange and brown shades to keep the Autumn vibe going. To top it all off, fill your ring fingernail with ombre glitter! It’s so easy to do especially for newbies in the art of nail design.

4. Cute Turkey

Who can say no to a cute turkey? However, looking so cute like this, you might just reconsider having him for dinner. Instead of using dried leaves in the design, this one used a plaid design reminiscent of a Thanksgiving spread. That way, this cute little turkey will really stand out.

Orange is indeed the new black. No wonder we love this nail pic from @aliciatnails. #nailart #naildesign

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5. Glamorous Turkey

Tired of the plain old turkey and autumn leaves design, try adding some glitters and colorful gems to your nails. Not only will it look oh so colorful, your turkey will look sassy enough to catch everyone’s attention! You can upgrade this design by using some holo instead of normal glitter on your thumbs.

6. Autumn Floral

It’s all about the dark tones this Thanksgiving. However, if you’re not exactly into burgundy or plum shades, mellow them out with a pretty floral design. Who says flowers are just for Spring? For a better impact, apply a matte top coat on your final nail art. Follow this tutorial to get this design on your nails this Thanksgiving.

7. Festive Thanksgiving Nails

Getting the family together is always a treat. And when everyone is around, it’s bound to get a little noisy. Of course, it’s the fun and happy kind of noise. Celebrate the festivity with this fun silver number! Plus, don’t you think the orange patterns look like they could be used as a tablecloth for the dinner?

8. Jump On The Leaves

For those who prefer to keep things subtle and subdued, this nude design is just the perfect nails to have this Thanksgiving. It’s not too plain though. The design becomes more interesting with the drawn-in Autumn leaves and vegetation as a border.

9. Roasted Turkey

Everyone’s been going gaga over food nail art! Of course, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to try your hand at some delicious-looking nail designs! Instead of drawing the entire turkey, get funky with this scrumptious roasted turkey.

10. Golden Turkey

While silver glitter may look fun and festive, using gold as a highlight for this turkey design makes it a bit classier. For those who can’t do complicated designs yet, the polka dot pattern would be easy and fun to recreate. This Thanksgivings nail art seems simple to recreate and looks absolutely amazing!

11. Turkey And Pie

Let me guess what you look forward to during Thanksgiving dinner – the turkey and pie! Don’t worry, I’m excited for them, too! This design brings those dinner favorites together for you to enjoy this holiday feast even more. Partner it with some cranberry-colored nails and you’re so ready for the night’s festivities! Try out this awesome cherry pie nail art as well!

12. Sweater Weather

When it comes to Autumn, there are two things that stand out for me – the cool weather and those delicious pumpkin spice lattes! The cold makes me bring out those comfy knitted sweaters from the back of my closet to wrap myself in. Add in a cup of the holiday drink, someone to cuddle with and I’m golden!

13. Autumn Nails

These Autumn nails make me feel like jumping into a huge pile of crunchy, multi-colored leaves! Wouldn’t it be fun to bring the kids outside before dinner and jump around the yard full of leaves? Of course, you just have to make sure the turkey and pie won’t burn.


Try this awesomeThanksgiving nail art tutorial from Starry Nails yourself:

Aren’t these Thanksgiving nails so cute? Fall nail art designs don’t have to be full of dark and muted colors. You can definitely enjoy splashes of color during Thanksgiving. Afterall, it’s a time to be grateful! You can even wear some yellow nail polish-inspired nails if you feel like it.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with these wonderful designs. Here are more ideas this season! 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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