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China Glaze Nail Polish Winter Collection 2016 ‘Seas’ The Holidays

China Glaze Nail Polish is going with a marine theme for the holidays – including some really pretty shimmers, glitters as well as matte!

Right up in my list of holiday polish collections is the marine take on the China Glaze Nail Polish offerings. Will it be able to top it’s Fall collection, “Rebel,” and its nod to 90s punk? Find out with this swatch list!

China Glaze Nail Polish Winter Collection 2016 ‘Seas And Greetings’

China Glaze Nail Polish delivered an interesting collection for Fall, which I have to say was my favorite among all the polish offerings during the season. “Seas And Greetings,” meanwhile seems to be delivering on the shimmers and glitters that the holidays entail. Although I still can’t quite connect the sea with Christmas or the New Year, the shades offered look like they’d still rock in holiday parties.

The nail lacquer company’s witty names for this collection served to connect the sea and the holidays. I personally think it works, making me think of spending this season on a beach somewhere warm. After all, not all Christmases need to be a white one.

Check out the swatches for the China Glaze Nail Polish winter collection 2016.      

1. Seas And Greetings

Let’s start with the namesake of this collection. Seas and Greetings is a deep purple with a shimmery finish. Although it doesn’t necessarily have the “sea” feel, looking at it makes me think of purple sea creatures and the way they shimmer when they move. The thick formula means you can go with 2 coats rather than three.

China Glaze Nail Polish Winter Collection 2016 'Seas' The Holidays

2. Snow Way

This shade was named perfectly in my opinion as it reflects the snow when the light hits it just right. It also looks like a precious deep-sea pearl with its shine. It makes my nails look like a rare precious gems and I love it.


3. Sand In My Mistletoes

Pink may not be a Christmas color but this shade does look pretty for dainty nails. If you prefer a more subtle nude pink during the holidays then this color is perfect for you.  Its formula also gives you full coverage in just 2 coats.

China Glaze Nail Polish Winter Collection 2016 'Seas' The Holidays

4. Eat Pink Be Merry

Now this pink is something I would wear. It would be great for strawberry ice cream themed nails. I can also wear it as it is, with all its subtle shimmer glory, especially when the light hits it.


5. Warm Wishes

In sticking to the sea theme, this polish is a dark coral shade. It’s also just right for the holidays, so double win there for China Glaze Nail Polish. The formula on this one is a bit thin so you might have to do three coats to get full coverage.

China Glaze Nail Polish Winter Collection 2016 'Seas' The Holidays

6. Tis The Sea Sun

At first glance Tis the Sea Sun looks like a darker version of Warm Wishes. However, upon application, it’s actually has a more orange tinge to it. Maybe I could use it for a sunset ombre nail art in the summer.


7. The More The Berrier

Now this is what I think a nail polish for the holidays should look like! The shimmers really brought out the red in this one. Maybe add in a little gold accent and you’ve got yourself covered for your Christmas manicure!

China Glaze Nail Polish Winter Collection 2016 'Seas' The Holidays

8. Lets Shellebrate

Glitter-filled and sparkly – that’s what this shade is. It would be also be great over pink or purple base polishes. Besides, holiday colors thrive on glitters – no matter what the color. It doesn’t only have to be red, gold or silver.


9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish

Holiday collections wouldn’t be complete without a shimmery sheer topcoat that you can combine with the others colors. It’s somewhat holographic, too. So, it can immensely improve a lot of base colors.

China Glaze Nail Polish Winter Collection 2016 'Seas' The Holidays

10. Partridge In A Palm Tree

I absolutely loved the matte polish in China Glaze’s Fall collection, “Rebel.” Although the holiday collection holds much promise, I’m not as taken with it as I was with Combat Blue-ts. Nevertheless, if you love mint green and matte formulas, then you’ll love this shade.


11. Good Tideings

I don’t know why, but this shade of blue reminds of denim jeans. More specifically, I remember those 80s-style high-waist blue jeans that made a comeback earlier this year. Nevertheless, it also reminds me of polka-dot bikinis on the beach.

China Glaze Nail Polish Winter Collection 2016 'Seas' The Holidays

12. Joy To The Waves

If The More The Berrier is the perfect holiday shade in this collection, Joy To The Waves is the perfect representation of the sea! The silver shimmer on the blue makes me think of deep ocean adventures and all the creatures living in it. This would be a perfect base for mermaid-inspired nail art!


Watch this live swatch of the China Glaze Nail Polish winter collection 2016, Seas and Greetings, from JessFACE90.

And that’s all 12 shades from the China Glaze Nail Polish winter collection 2016. I personally love Joy To The Waves, Snow Way and The More The Berriere for holiday polishes. Which ones do you like? Sound off in the comments section below with your favorite shades in this collection.


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