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Valentine Nails With Heart Designs Perfect For Date Night [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to Valentine nails, heart designs reign supreme. Check out these cute and popular heart nail art ideas to copy for Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine Nails with Heart Designs You’ll Fall For

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Easy Valentine Nails with Heart Nail Art Designs, Ideas, and Tutorials

Valentine’s Day is the obvious holiday to wear cute heart designs. Whether it’s as small as a dot or it encompasses the entire nail beds, clients clamor for anything with cute and artsy heart nail designs.

Since it’s all about love this season also, it’s not surprising ladies would go gaga over hearts. We do, too, so we’ve collected some of the most lovely, fun, and cutest nail heart designs out there.

Want to try out one yourself? Check out these cute and fancy heart nail designs, ideas, and tutorials!

1. Gold Glitters, Cute Hearts, and Snowflakes

Glitter, gold, and crystals are must-haves in Valentine’s Day manicures. Highlight cute hearts and snowflakes in the design and you’ve got yourself an elegant manicure.

You will love the small details in this design, perhaps as much as I do. Design hearts, lines, and snowflakes with a dotting tool but if you’re in a flurry, nail stickers are a great option.

2. Pink Valentine Nails with Striped Heart Nail Art

Great nail art for teens and teens-at-heart, these stripes and hearts design is just flat out cute. Wear it with coordinating hot or pale pink outfit, perfect for an all-girl singles night out.

3. Heart and Calligraphy Valentine Nails Art

red and white manicure with love print | Valentine Nails | Heart Nail Designs Perfect For Valentine's Day | valentine nails | valentine nails art
Look serious and smart as you sip on your tea or coffee with this love and heart design on your nails. Do a wide heart shape French tip with red nail polish on your stiletto pinky and pointer fingers.

Next, do calligraphy of the word ‘love’ on your ring and middle fingernails (with a nail polish liner and your own handwriting if you’re confident). Or you can use Love Nail Stencil vinyl stickers to get the design done fast and easy.

4. Sweet Hearts on Wide French Tips

Give glittery gold and diamond nail gems a pass and do these wide and simple French tips instead. The wide French tips in white with the small red and pink hearts are perfect no matter your age.

5. Metallic Gingerbread and Heart Valentines Nails


Want to get away from dark and bold colors? You can still add a wow factor to neutral nail polish with embellishments.

Paint your nails with neutral or nude nail polish (we suggest the Essie nail polish in wild nude). Take Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts nail polish and apply it over your nude nails.

And, you’ll get fantastic nails with adorable heart and bright metallic glitter accent!

6. Valentine Nails with Heart French Tips

Regular French tips won’t do for the occasion so try curving those lines a little to create a heart shape French manicure! Work on oval-shaped nails to create perfect little hearts on your nail design.

Here’s a tip: If you’re not too confident about your drawing skills, you can use a tiny heart sticker to outline the heart. You can also add some rhinestones and glitters to dress up this design some more.

7. Black and White Heart Valentine Nails


Ladies sometimes love being unconventional. Don’t stray from making a bold statement and go for this heart design.

These black and white heart nail designs are both daring and interesting! It’s perfect for those seeking individuality but would still like to stay cute and adorable.

8. Valentine’s Negative Space Heart Nails

Get on this new negative space trend in nail design because it’s going to be the only negativity you’ll want in your life. It’s positively sassy with a lot going on—it’s like a party!

To create the negative space, color all your nails red except for one which you will paint with a gold glitter nail polish. On one of the red nails, use the tip of a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover and carve out a heart shape.

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9. Blue Heart Valentine Nails


Some ladies are in the dark, grunge phase and this blue heart nail art design is a perfect match! Or the perfect match for a blue dress.

Instead of using black, however, a sparkly navy blue couldn’t be any more perfect this year. Like the red heart French tip, this manicure looks fine and works best on long nails in either stiletto or coffin nails.

10. Pink and Gold Heart Valentine Nails

I’m sure you and your girlfriends will love this heart nail design! If you want a touch of pink but not too much, you’ll dig this nail design.

Use pale pink nail polish and brush all your nails with the color then, apply gold heart stamps over it. Apply several topcoats to secure your heart stamps beautifully.

11. Gold Foil and Heart Nail Art Tutorial


An all pink or red ensemble can become too saccharine for your taste even on Valentine’s Day. So, match a red or pink outfit with this fancy nail design with a heart for the occasion.

Look fine and expensive with this gold foil and heart nail art without the hefty salon price.

12. Valentine Nails with Glitter Heart Explosion

You can’t have a list of heart designs without this nail art idea. Not only is it fun to do, but it also looks fancy once done.

You can have the hearts painted in all red or mix them up with different colors. You can even try ombre nail colors for the adorable little hearts.

13. Gold Studded Heart Nail Design

Nothing says “golden heart” more than encapsulating it in golden beads. You don’t need any other details because the red heart itself has become a wonderful focal point for the entire nail art design.

Besides, red and gold have always been partners during Valentine’s Day. You need to apply your red heart design on clear or white nail polish, though, to highlight your heart design.

14. Red and White Heart Valentine Nails

If you can’t be bothered with elaborate designs on your nails, this simple red and white heart design is the way to go. Take it up a notch by designing the nails differently with hearts and dots.

Here’s another idea: Do the same design on your other hand but this time, alternate the colors red and white on the nail polish, dots, and hearts design.

15. Valentine’s Day Dotted Heart Nails


I have to say, this dotted heart design is my favorite on this list. It’s simple and easy to do.

You only need different shades of red and pink and a dotting tool or a toothpick to recreate this design.

Match this with your romantic V-day outfits, and you’re good to go this Valentine’s Day.

16. Stained Glass Hearts and Roses

Hearts and roses go perfectly together—they are both signatures of the occasion after all! This design doesn’t only have white roses, but a diamond stud embellishment as well.

It also played around the stained glass design with heart sections rimmed in gold glitters. It’s simply amazing and worth the time and effort for anyone looking to impress on Valentine’s Day.

17. Java Hearts Mani

Anyone can gush over this Java Hearts mani, but coffee lovers? They’d die!

I’m falling head over heels over this design, and I’m not even that big of a coffee fan.

The play on the heart sketch and color combo creates a subtle marble effect. This slick hearts nail design is nothing short of excellent.

You can try adding rhinestones on your heart nail art as well:

Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

Valentine Nails With Heart Designs Perfect For Date Night [INFOGRAPHIC]
Don’t these heart nail designs look so adorable and just perfect for Valentine’s Day? Which ones did you like the most?

There are a lot of other desig.ns out there and I’m sure you have some ideas that weren’t mentioned in this list. Share them in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 11, 2019, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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