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17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

The Homecoming Dance isn’t all about the dress or shoes you wear. Your nails should be on point as well! Can’t find the best design to complete your look? Check this list out!

From glitters to rhinestones, your Homecoming Dance nails should look as stunning your makeup and outfit for one of the biggest school events this year! They don’t need to be the same color as your dress, but they should definitely compliment or enhance it.

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

Years from now, you’ll be going through your old Homecoming Dance photos and videos and either gush or cringe at your outfit. It’s important to look your best not just with your dress and makeup. Amp up your overall look with some gorgeous nail art!

Find the best match for your outfit with these stunning homecoming dance nails!


1. Pink Stiletto Nails

Turn heads with this nail design that’s both dainty and edgy at the same time! It’s matte pink finish softens the edginess of having pointed nails. Wouldn’t this be a perfect pair for your baby pink dress?

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

2. Rose Gold Chrome Nails

Chrome nails are all the rage these days and it would only be natural to try them out for Homecoming! For a bit more character, add some studs. Learn how to make chrome nails at home with this tutorial!

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

3. Elegant 3D Silver and Crystals

Special events, especially school dances, deserve some sparkle. This design has just the right amount of bling to catch people’s attention without going over the top.


4. China Glaze Combat Blue-ts

Sometimes, you don’t need elaborate drama for your nails. Bring the attention back to your dress and wear a simple coating of Combat Blue-ts, one of the beautiful shades from its Rebel collection!

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

5. Pointed Negative Space Matte Nails

Matte and negative space will definitely give you a modern, edgy look! This would go well with a sparkly black dress, don’t you think?


6. Nude Matte Long Nails

Keep things simple and mellowed with nude nails. Not only do they look clean and put together, nude also goes with any color!


7. Ombre Glitter Nails

Put a little sparkle on your nails to compliment your nails! Gold and silver are the go-to glitter colors but you can step it up by using other colors. Learn how to do this here.

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

8. Yellow Flowers and French Tips

If you can’t let summer go just yet, this nail design is the perfect way to show how much you love that season. Pair it with your yellow dress and you’ll be a ray of sunshine on Homecoming!


9. Present Nails

You know I’m a sucker for anything red! So this manicure with the silver bow accent is just perfect!


10. Frosted Nails

Like chrome nails, frosted nails have been gaining popularity recently! Plus it would look great with whatever color you plan to wear!

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

11. Ruby Red Nails With Rhinestones

Again, ruby red nails are just phenomenon! This time, spice things up with a little rhinestone with the same color!


12. Pink Nails and Glitters

Another sparkly number for your hot pink Homecoming dress is this design! The glittered nail gives it that classy touch, doesn’t it?


13. Gold Lace Design

Although lace isn’t really a popular fabric to use for Homecoming, you can definitely still put it on your nails. It’s gold but not too loud to drag attention away from your dress. This would work if you pair it with a white or champagne dress.

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

14. Stained Glass Nails

This design may look complicated, but it’s really not that hard to do! Learn how to create stained glass nails with this tutorial!

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

15. Red Nails With White Accents

Red and white is always a good combination! Catch everyone’s attention with your hot red dress partnered with this design!


16. Black Feather And Glitters

You can never go wrong with black. It goes great with everything and you only have to add a little accent to make your nails even more interesting.

17 Stunning Homecoming Dance Nail Design Ideas

17. Holo Nails With Rhinestones

These nails are so ready for you to get that Homecoming crown! Holo looks amazing on any hand and adding rhinestones makes it even classier!

Aren’t these Homecoming Nails just stunning? I personally love the chrome and matte ones!


Paint your nails yourself with this Homecoming Dance manicure tutorial from AwesomenessTV!

Have you chosen a design from the list? Please do share your thoughts with me, I’d love to know what you think!

Find more nail art ideas for special occasions here. You can also check out new designs on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest!

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