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251 Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

There’s nothing like stunning white nail designs to make your classy outfit even more sophisticated! If you’re looking for nail designs that would be perfect for any occasion, read on!

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White Nail Designs That Ooze Elegance

1. 22 Stunning White Nail Designs Appropriate for Work

beautiful woman nails bright manicure | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

White nail designs are absolutely drool-worthy! The pristine vibe of the color simply exudes sophistication. Here are 22 different designs you can try that will catch anyone’s attention in the office!

2. Pastel Marble Nail Art Tutorial | Super Easy Chic Design

pastel marble nail art | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

You don’t have to limit yourself to the usual methods of making white nail art designs! Get your nails looking sharp by creating this artsy white nail design with a touch of marble.

It’s fun and creative yet totally “out there,” making the design appropriate anywhere you go. Here’s the full tutorial.

3. 18 Red and White Nail Art Designs to Try on Valentine’s Day

manicure nail art love message | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Red and white nail art for Valentine’s Day? This is a no-brainer combination as it’s a popular match. Give your nails some attitude with these sassy nail designs.

The use of gradient design is an amazing play on red and white hues. Also, the red flower charm topped with a silver stud is the perfect accent to an otherwise simple design idea. Check out this post and take your pick!

4. 13 Snowflake Nail Art Designs for Winter

manicure snowflakes on your nails | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Snowflake nail art is indeed a staple when we talk about holiday nail designs. There’s something magical and dreamy about snowflakes so it’s really no wonder why it has become a regular holiday fixture.

Feast your eyes on 13 snowflake nail art you can don this winter.

5. 41 Amazing Fruit Nail Art Tutorials You Can DIY

watermelon nail art on blue background | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Fruit nail art designs never go out of style! What’s more, it stands out more when mixed with the color white. Check out these amazing tutorials that you can do for your next manicure. They’re also great for summer!

6. 16 Most Elegant Black and White Nail Designs for Short Nails

black white nail art | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Black and white nail designs are the most classic way of showing sophistication and elegance. It’s a well-loved color combination that has transcended generations. Here are 16 of the most elegant black and white nail designs you can paint on your nails.

7. Chic Pink and White Nail Designs Tutorial

white pink pastel manicure | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Is pink and white nail designs your thing? Then this post is a can’t miss. The depth of artistry and creativity is very much alive in this featured pink and white nail design.

8. 17 Amazingly Cool Snow Globe Nails Perfect for the Holidays

Snow and ice flake designs are often associated with white nail designs simply because it fits the holiday theme. Having this on your nails will definitely negate the “ugly” effect of those Holiday sweaters! You can use all types of colors but white snow globes are something to see.

9. 20 Elegant Wedding Nail Designs to Make Your Special Day Perfect

wedding french manicure | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Nothing is bigger than a wedding day so it is only appropriate that your nails are at its maximum shine. Pair those gorgeous white nails with some crystals and you’ve got yourself an elegant-looking manicure.

Check out these magnificent designs that will totally complement your wedding gown!

10. Geometrical Negative Space Nails for Thanksgiving

geometrical negative space nails | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

With gatherings and meet−ups among friends and family about to take place, you should be looking for clean, simple and chic nail art designs to sport.

You don’t want your nails looking too glam or overly done especially when you’re attending informal parties. Here are white nail designs for your average days.

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11. Easy & Pretty Snowflake Nails Tutorial

easy pretty snowflake nails | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Holiday season is fast approaching? No problem. This design is fairly easy to do and even a budding nail junkie can hack this! Check the full tutorial here!

12. Try This Cute Candy Cane Nails Tutorial to Match Your Holiday Look

nail art design christmas theme green red candy canes | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

There are some things that may seem small and insignificant but when present would make Christmas more fun. Eggnogs, Christmas socks, colorful sweaters, mistletoes, and of course, delicious candy canes! Learn how to recreate these cute designs here.

13. 10 Cutest Heart Nail Designs for Teens Perfect for the Holidays

stained glass hearts nail art | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

It’s simple and easy to do. You only need different shades of red and pink and a dotting tool or a toothpick to recreate this design. It’s doable for teens as well. Check out more heart designs here.

14. 20 Fun 4th of July Nail Designs to Show Your Love for America

fourth july stars stripes on nails | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Are you scavenging the web for 4th of July nail designs? It’s that time of the year again to show your love for your homeland. So celebrate freedom in style and try out these red, white, and blue nail designs!

15. 15 Gorgeous Glittery Nail Gems You Must Try

gift box modern style pastel coral pink white wedding nails | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Adding nail gems to your manicure is a sure way to make your hands pretty and interesting. There are several ways to do it. You can choose to use pearls, studs, rhinestones, charms and – if you’ve got the budget for it – Swarovski crystals.

16. 20 Jon Snow Approved Game of Thrones Nail Designs

nails | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Celebrate it with these awesome GOT-inspired nail art designs! From white walker to House Stark-inspired designs, this post got you covered.

17. DIY Easy Neon Popsicle Nail Design for Playful Summer


Summer may have wrapped up already but if you get this easy neon popsicle nail design, the party will never end! Learn how to make this all-time favorite dessert with this nail art tutorial!

18. 17 Cute French Nail Designs to Celebrate Bastille Day

manicured female hands on light background | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

What better way to celebrate Bastille Day, a French holiday, than showing off super cute French nail designs? Check out these awesome variations of the classic nail art!

19. 16 Celebrity Nails Designs That Will Inspire You to Amp Your Nail Game

manicure white abstract pattern on womens nails | Gorgeous White Nail Designs For Every Occasion

Many of us turn to celebrity nails designs for our nail-spiration. Thank heavens for social media for making our “stalking” easier. Here are 16 celebrity nails designs that will surely inspire you to amp your nail game.

Craving for more white nail art designs? Check out this video by Gabby Morris:

White may look plain and too vanilla, but it has several textures and shades that you can play around with for your nail designs. You can also mix and match it with several other colors and nail art accessories to get that awesome look!

As this post may suggest, there are plenty of possibilities with this color so paint your nails white to your heart’s content!

Which white nail designs caught your attention? Let me know in the comments section below!

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