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These Retro Nails Inspiration Will Give You Nostalgic Feels

Take a trip down memory lane with these awesome retro nails! They’re perfect for themed parties, a night out with friends, or just some good old-fashioned fun. Polka dots, floral, or bursts of color; this list got you covered!

Retro Nails Perfect For Throwback Feels

You don’t need a time machine to enjoy the 80s or 60s. You can try vintage makeup, outfits and even accessories. These retro nails are also so good, they’ll give you nostalgic feels.

I personally enjoy trying out many different styles but retro nails are one of the favorite! Not only are they simple to do, they also look fun and colorful. Nowadays, you can mix some modern touch to your throwback-worthy nails. I certainly experiment trying out different nail art designs.

Whether you’re going to a retro party or just feeling nostalgic, these retro nails will answer all your throwback feels!

These Retro Nails Inspiration Will Give You Nostalgic Feels

1. Green And Blue

Doesn’t this green and blue block color design give off some serious 60s feel? Instead of using a nude color as base, like this nail art, you can try leaving it blank instead. Learn how with this tutorial.

2. Retro Color Blocking

Again, color blocking isn’t such a new trend. Use some retro colors and you’ve got yourself a #nailfie worthy of a throwback to bygone years. Plus, color block nail art is relative easy to do.

3. Blood Of My Enemies

What’s better than having half moon nails ala Dita Von Teese? Using a deep, sparkly red polish on stiletto nails. These pointers certainly look like they’ve been through the blood of their enemies.

These Retro Nails Inspiration Will Give You Nostalgic Feels

4. Woven Together

The 60s is all about those crazy patterns and this nail art utilized that. It mixes straight lines and zig zags together; who would have thought these patterns would look good together? All you would need is some vintage looking nail polish shade, a striper, a steady hand and you’re all set.

5. Polka Dot Heart

Polka dots are major must-haves for retro nails. It’s the most well-known design when people think of vintage designs.  This one incorporated hearts to give it a sweeter feel. Learn how to make polka dot nail art here.

These Retro Nails Inspiration Will Give You Nostalgic Feels

6. Pink Tiger Print

Animal prints are also considered vintage but these are still very active in fashion today. This design put a twist on the classic tiger print by turning it pink, making it a bit more modern.

7. Floral

Another favorite retro design is flowers. This nail art may not have a lot of bright colors reminiscent of vintage designs, but it used shapes and a floral pattern instead.

8. Electric Carnival Half Moons

Remember those carnivals with the multi-colored tents in the late 1800s to the early 1990s? This retro nail art took its inspiration from those iconic tents. This would be a great design to wear when you feel the need to get in touch with the past.

These Retro Nails Inspiration Will Give You Nostalgic Feels

9. Zig Zag Chevron Nails

Zig zags and mixtures of colors; the perfect combination for retro nails. It’s not so hard to do either. You only have to paint on several colors on your nails, let them dry and then use a stamper or some zig zag tape to paint on the black lines. Learn how to make zig zag lines perfectly with this tutorial.

10. Golden Retro

It’s not retro if it doesn’t have gold in it. The 60s and 70s were all about the bling and it’s only natural to get some metallic shimmer into your vintage style nails.

11. Retro Butterfly

Aside from flowers, butterflies are also present on a lot of retro nails. If you’ve tried your hand at stamping, then you can try reverse stamping this time. This design may look like it needs a lot of work but the final look will definitely be worth it! Follow this tutorial.

These Retro Nails Inspiration Will Give You Nostalgic Feels

Learn how to recreate this wonderful retro nails from Nails by Jema.

Whether you’re into the 80s or way back to the 40s, you can express your fascination with retro nails through some gorgeous art. You can be fashionable even with designs from a bygone era without being dated. You can add some modern elements to your retro nails as well!

Try one or two of the designs on this list and let us know how you enjoyed recreating them in the comments section below.

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