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Round Nails Tutorial | 3 Easy Steps To Get This Round Nail Shape

Are you tired of your usual Stiletto, almond, or square nails? What about the classic round nails? Get the all-time favorite nail shape with these three easy steps now.

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Get All-Time Favorite Round Nails With These Easy Steps

Why You Should Rock Round Nails

Nothing beats the classics! There are times when we want sexy stiletto nails or elegant coffin-shaped nails, Always good to go back to the classics as well. Round fingertips go with any design, the shape for people who prefer shorter nails.

Shape your round nails just right with these three simple steps!

What You’ll Need to Shape Your Round Nails:

  • Nail clippers
  • Nail filer

Step 1: Clip the Edges

clipping nails hand care woman | Round Nails Tutorial | 3 Easy Steps To Get This Classic Nail Shape

To create this nail shape, it’s better to make it from square nails. If you have long nails, clip your nails into a somewhat square shape.

Once you have the square shape, clip the edges until the nail looks like a very short coffin nail. You will move on to filing it into the correct shape later on.

Step 2: File Away

File Away | Round Nails Tutorial | 3 Easy Steps To Get This Classic Nail Shape

Once you clip the edges of the nail, start filing it into the shape you want. Begin at the side of the nail and fill it towards the center of the nail. Make sure to stay in one direction only. When you start seeing the rounded edge of the nail, move on to the other side.

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Step 3: Shape Into Round Nails

Shape Into Round Nails | Round Nails Tutorial | 3 Easy Steps To Get This Classic Nail Shape

Unlike the almond shape where you had to keep the tip pointed, round nails should be shorter. It looks somewhat similar to oval-shaped nails but with a more blunt top. File the nails into just the right round shape that you want.

It also helps to moisturize your hands and nails. You can even use household items to create your very own cuticle oil.

Now ready for a new design with your perfectly shaped nails!

Finishing Touches

 Black Nail Polish | Round Nails Tutorial | 3 Easy Steps To Get This Classic Nail Shape

What shade will match your round nails? Take a look at these nail design options.

A step-by-step guide on how you can achieve these picture-perfect nails courtesy of Banicured:

Now you’ve got the classic round nails down pat. Nothing beats the classic and clean look and fashionably maintaining your nails. Aren’t they pretty and neat? Try this on your nails and see why you should rock this look more often.

What nail polish and design do you think will suit round nails best? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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